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"We love Building High Performing Teams from The Ken Blanchard Companies because this product provides us with a continuity of learning. In addition, it meets the needs of individuals and intact teams." – Butler Manufacturing Company

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Elearning: Building an Effective and Engaging Solution Online

Online learning allows organizations to provide a consistent, convenient way to educate their employees.

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Sep 18, 2014

Shorter is better and less is more when it comes to online learning. That’s the message Ken and Scott Blanchard deliver in their latest column for Training Industry Quarterly. It’s about keeping each lesson contained. “In our early designs, we had a tendency to throw everything—plus the kitchen sink—into each segment. Now we recognize that…

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Sep 15, 2014

A workplace can facilitate, foster, and enable flourishing, or it can disrupt, thwart, and impede it, says motivation expert Susan Fowler in a cover story for Personal Excellence magazine. In Fowler’s experience, the motivation practices used in many organizations have undermined engagement more often than they have engaged employees. Fortunately the new science of motivation has…

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