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"We selected Blanchard's because they have a pool of coaches who were willing to learn the Adobe culture and work within our models. We also liked the scale-ability -- their phone-based model allowed implementation on a worldwide basis." – Adobe

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Customer Service Ken Blanchard
Legendary Service:
The Key is to Care

Whether a CEO or a part-time employee, every person can make a difference—
and customer service is everyone's job.

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Apr 21, 2014

As a Situational Leadership II (SLII) instructor, I teach hundreds of leaders each year how to adapt their leadership style to the needs of their direct reports. Beginners on a new task get a Directing Style; moderately skilled employees get a Coaching or Supporting Style; and highly skilled employees get a Delegating Style. The SLII…

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Apr 14, 2014

Have you ever been at a meeting and noticed that more people were on their cell phones, laptops, or tablets than were paying attention? Sometimes it’s hard to tell. People are getting good at holding their devices just below table top, so all you see is the top of their heads. But this isn’t a…

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