Building Conversational Capacity to Address Conflict in Today’s Work Teams

Work teams progress through four basic stages of development: Orientation, when the team is just starting out; Dissatisfaction, when conflict inevitably arises; Integration, as team members begin to learn how to work with each other; and Production, when the fine-tuned team is achieving its purpose and goals.

“The ability to balance candor and curiosity is particularly important in the Dissatisfaction stage of team development, where conflict is higher, misunderstandings are more prevalent, and the risk to team cohesion is greater than in any other stage,” says bestselling business author Craig Weber.

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Webinar on Addressing Team Conflict
Addressing Team Conflict: 3 Keys to Facilitating Difficult Conversations
October 31, 2019

Bestselling business author Craig Weber shares three essential skills L&D professionals should focus on.

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Training for Trainers
Training for Trainers

Blanchard’s Training for Trainers (T4T) sessions prepare leadership, learning, and talent development professionals to roll out learner-centric designs like The SLII Experience.

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