Proving the ROI of Leadership Development

“Just getting started” is one of the biggest challenges leadership, learning, and talent development professionals face when implementing an ROI study, says Jim Irvine, global dean of leadership & professional development at Nissan.

“Most people assume they need to create a study as rigorous as one they’d put in an academic journal article, but that’s not always necessary,” says Irvine.

Webinar on Conducting Your First ROI Study
Conducting Your First ROI Study: How to Get Started
November 20, 2019

Jim Irvine, global dean of leadership & professional development at Nissan, shares an easy-to-use process for calculating ROI to show the bottom-line impact leadership training has on organizational results.

Client Spotlight - Wageworks
Customizing Leadership Training at WageWorks

With a geographically dispersed workforce, WageWorks needed virtual training options. The company created the acronym RISE—Reach, Inspire, Serve and Empower—for its leadership training curriculum.

Jennifer Brown on How to Be an Inclusive Leader

The most important thing is to increase self-awareness and start having discussions about diversity and unconscious bias says Brown.

High Performance Teams: What It Takes to Make Them Work

New survey results identify key focus areas for L&D professionals looking to create or enhance their team training programs.

Training for Trainers
Training for Trainers

Blanchard’s Training for Trainers (T4T) sessions prepare leadership, learning, and talent development professionals to roll out learner-centric designs like The SLII Experience.

Team Leadership Program Now Available

Unleash the Power of We with
Blanchard’s New Team Leadership Program

Do your leaders know how to unleash the power of their teams? With employees typically working on five or six teams, having strong team leaders who know how to build high performance teams is more important than ever.

Blanchard’s new Team Leadership training program teaches your leaders how to provide clarity, manage conflict, and break through barriers to move the team forward quickly and successfully.

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