Leadership as a Partnership

“It’s unfair to expect a manager with multiple direct reports to figure out what each individual needs, let alone always provide it,” says leadership expert Susan Fowler. “Continue to invest in your managers, but leverage your investment by training the other side of the partnership—the direct reports. Don’t ignore half the equation. Make effective leadership everyone’s job.”


Self Leadership: The Rest of the Story

September 28, 2017

Discover the power of equipping both managers and direct reports with the mindset and skillset to set goals, diagnose development level, and match leadership style. Join Susan Fowler, leadership expert and coauthor of Self Leadership and The One Minute Manager®.

Supporting Leadership in a Learning Culture

“Our employees feel valued by the investment we make in training,” says Heather Cowan, Director, Learning and Organizational Development at Autodesk. “In addition to learning new skills, the training curriculum builds trust, improves communication and morale, and helps support our innovative work environment.”

Client Spotlight - Autodesk


Leaderchat Podcast with Robert Greene on Mastery

Robert Greene on Mastery


In this episode of the Blanchard LeaderChat podcast we speak with Robert Greene, author of The New York Times bestseller, Mastery. Greene shares key points from his book, beginning with getting a clear sense of who you are, where you are going, and what motivates you.


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Developing Self Leaders—A Competitive Advantage for Organizations


The nature of leadership continues to evolve as organizational structures and business models change. Top-heavy leadership approaches are shifting and in their place, individual contributors are being asked to step up in new ways.


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Self Leadership


Blanchard's new Self Leadership development program teaches individuals the mindset and skillset they need to become empowered, proactive self leaders who take control of their own success and are committed to getting results for their organization.

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Self Leadership and The One Minute Manager® (Revised Edition)


For decades, millions of managers in Fortune 500 companies and small businesses around the world have followed Ken Blanchard's management methods to increase productivity, job satisfaction, and personal prosperity. Now, this newly revised edition of Self Leadership and The One Minute Manager® empowers people at every level of the organization to achieve success.