Ken Blanchard on Leading at a Higher Level

The new, completely updated, third edition of Ken Blanchard’s perennial bestseller, Leading at a Higher Level, was released just last month.

The first edition came out in 2006 and featured the best thinking from 18 different authors, summarizing the key concepts from all the Blanchard programs at the time. The new edition continues that tradition. Now featuring the work of 25 authors, this edition includes four new chapters: Building Trust, Mentoring, Collaboration, and Organizational Leadership.

“The umbrella concept,” says lead author Ken Blanchard, “is servant leadership—the idea that people lead best when they serve first.”

Webinar with Ken Blanchard
Ken Blanchard on 4 Keys to Leading at a Higher Level
January 23, 2019

In this webinar, best-selling business author Ken Blanchard shares key concepts from the newly released third edition of his book Leading at a Higher Level. Ken will share a 4-step approach to building an organizational culture that leads to engaged people and improves long-term business results.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to create a culture where leaders who are grounded in humility and focused on the greater good can create organizations where both people and profits grow and thrive.

Client Spotlight - H&R Block
Embracing Virtual Learning at H&R Block

The organizational effectiveness team at H&R Block was looking for a way to ensure leaders had a common language to use—especially during performance conversations.

The challenge was how to deliver this skills training to leaders across thousands of H&R Block locations around the world. The company’s extremely large seasonal workforce added another layer of complexity.

Although they were facing a daunting challenge, the H&R Block team partnered with The Ken Blanchard Companies to develop a viable solution.

How to Lead with Emotional Courage

In this episode of the Blanchard LeaderChat podcast author Peter Bregman shares his thoughts about leadership, and explains that the most successful leaders not only know what to say and do, but are willing to experience the discomfort, risk, or uncertainty of saying and doing it.

2019 HR / L&D Trend Survey Results

What’s the #1 initiative leadership, learning, and talent development professionals will be focusing on in 2019?

100 different initiatives were identified and three common themes emerged related to skill development, culture, and new learning modalities.

Training for Trainers
Training for Trainers

For trainers, facilitators, and individuals responsible for mentoring, coaching, and developing others, Blanchard’s Training for Trainers (T4T) sessions prepare you to roll out learner-centric designs like The SLII Experience into your organization.

Blanchard on Leading at a Higher Level
New, completely updated, third edition of best-seller just released!
Leading at a Higher Level, 3rd Edition by Ken Blanchard

For 40 years, The Ken Blanchard Companies has helped thousands of organizations become more people oriented, customer centered, performance driven, and socially responsible.

Now, in this fully updated third edition of Leading at a Higher Level, Blanchard and his colleagues bring together all they’ve learned about world-class leadership, including brand new chapters on building a high-trust workplace, collaborating for high performance, driving success through mentoring, and leading at the organizational level.

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