Focus on Who, In Addition to What, When Designing Learning Journeys

When L&D professionals talk about learning journeys it can be a micro or a macro conversation, says Britney Cole, associate vice president, solution architecture and innovation strategy at The Ken Blanchard Companies.

“For some L&D professionals, the phrase learning journey zooms in on a specific program—a micro approach,” says Cole. “This includes what happens before you launch, the actual learning event, and how you consume the content. It can also include what happens afterward—post work, surveys, curated content, manager check-ins, and tools to reinforce the learning.

“Other people understand the concept from a macro standpoint…

Webinar on 3 Keys to Creating Learning Journeys that Work
3 Keys to Creating Learning Journeys that Work
February 19, 2020

Solutions architect Britney Cole shares key strategies for designing personalized learning journeys to improve performance metrics in today’s results-focused organizations.

Client Spotlight on Eli Lilly and Company
Eli Lilly: Accelerating Culture Change Through SLII®

Learn how pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly and Company made sure that leadership skills were embedded into the everyday actions of people to drive the culture shift that was needed.

Susan Fowler on Master Your Motivation

Motivation expert Susan Fowler describes the three basic needs that are essential to optimal motivation: choice, connection, and competence, and how to address these needs in order to thrive.

Learning Design
Innovations in Learning Design: Learning Experiences That Transform

Learning is a journey and must be supported through strategies and tools that allow learners to absorb the knowledge and extend it to successful application.

The SLII Experience
Leadership Training

The SLII Experience™ uses game-changing techniques that immerse learners in the SLII® program. Learn how to set goals, diagnose, and apply direction and support in the right amounts—at the right time, to help people succeed at work.

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