"Outstanding! In a world where people can’t always be counted on, this book shows you how to recognize the trust busters—as well as boost your own trustworthy behavior."
Dr. Phil McGraw, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Life Code and host of the “Dr. Phil” show


This enlightening guide highlights the enormous importance of one of today’s most pressing topics: trust.TrustWorks! begins with a fable about a dog and cat who live together with other animals and the humans who care for them. But canine and feline do not trust each other—a situation that leads to fighting, backbiting, and sabotaging that soon affects the whole household. Unless their conflict is resolved, all the pets will lose their home.

Fortunately, a wise old parrot steps in to teach the dog and cat the ABCDs of trust. As each becomes aware of the unconscious behaviors at the root of their hostility, the dog and cat discover how to change their behavior—a mutual transformation that creates a happy, productive environment for all.

In Part II, the authors show you how to apply the ABCD Trust Model™ to your own life to resolve situations where conflict, low morale, miscommunication, and dysfunctional leadership undermine your effectiveness. TrustWorks! provides a common language for trust—and essential skills for building, repairing, and sustaining it.

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