Gung Ho! Turn on the People in Your Organization
"Gung Ho! conveys meaningful lessons about motivation, inspiration, and goal-setting that any organization can put to immediate use."
Sally Gore, Human Resources Leader, W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc.

Gung Ho! Turn on the People in Your Organization

The runaway #1 national best-seller that started it all! Gung Ho! is a wonderful business book that is packed with invaluable information, as well as a compelling, page-turning story.

Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles, co-authors of the New York Times business bestseller Raving Fans!®, are back with Gung Ho!®. Here is an invaluable management tool that outlines foolproof ways to increase productivity by fostering excellent morale in the workplace. It is a must-read for everyone who wants to stay on top in today's ultra-competitive business world.

The three principles of Gung Ho! are:

  • The Spirit of the Squirrel:
    Worthwhile Work
  • The Way of the Beaver:
    In Control of Achieving the Goal
  • The Gift of the Goose:
    Cheering Each Other On

Gung Ho! also includes a clear game plan with a step-by-step outline for instituting these groundbreaking ideas.

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