Everyone's a Coach
"Coach Shula and I have gone head-to-head with our football teams, and it was always a great challenge to go up against one of the best. Now that he's added Ken Blanchard to his team, this book has got to be a winner."
Tom Landry, Former Head Coach of the Dallas Cowboys

Everyone's a Coach

Are the people who report to you giving you their best? Is your team—whether a group of employees, a classroom of students, or your family—performing at its fullest potential?

Don Shula, the most successful coach in NFL history, teams up with Dr. Ken Blanchard to share their secrets for inspiring others to greatness. At the heart of their theory is a simple acronym—COACH—that describes the qualities of an effective leader.

  • Conviction-Driven: Never compromise your beliefs
  • Overlearning: Practice until it's perfect
  • Audible-Ready: Know when to change
  • Consistency: Respond predictably to performance
  • Honesty-Based: Walk your talk

Don Shula describes how a coaching concept works on the football field, and Ken Blanchard shows us how to apply that concept to leadership situations in the workplace.

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