Coaching in Organizations
"This book is a how-to coaching manual we've all been waiting for. My hope is that everyone who reads this book will learn valuable information that positively impacts their careers and the success of their organizations."
Ken Blanchard, Coauthor of The One Minute Manager

Coaching in Organizations

Learn the secrets to success in your business coaching program. Coaching in organizations has come into its own, with businesses spending millions of dollars on coaching programs across the globe. Without a universal understanding of what coaching is, however, Human Resource and Organizational Development executives, executive coaches, and consultants may become frustrated with what appears to be little or no tangible results from their corporation's investment in coaching.

How can your company experience an "observable" return on investment through its coaching program? From The Ken Blanchard Companies, a leading global corporate training firm, comes a powerful guide designed to help human development professionals implement programs that work for their organizations.

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