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Self Leadership Development Programs to Increase Your Employees’ Potential

What group spends their days working with customers and making your business run? It’s your individual contributors. They are the silent majority of your organization and without their motivation and commitment, nothing happens. Our Self Leadership development program teaches individuals the mindset and skillset they need to become empowered, proactive self leaders who take control of their own success and are committed to getting results for your organization.

The single most essential ingredient in organizational success is the proactive behavior of individual contributors. 50% of individual contributors feel their jobs are stagnant.* 1/3 just do their job, and nothing more.**

What could your company accomplish if everyone was a self leader?

Your Investment in Self Leaders PAYS OFF

The success of your company’s strategic initiatives depends on the commitment and proactive behavior of those on the front line, the individual contributors who are responsible for executing and making it happen. When you arm individual contributors with the self leadership skillset and mindset, you build a healthy and empowered workforce that is accountable, innovative, and productive.

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Accelerated Development

Self leaders take control of their own development — they ask for the direction and support they need so they are able to move up the curve to mastery more quickly.

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Empowered self leaders are more engaged and committed, consistently working hard and increasing performance across your organization.

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Personal Accountability

Self leaders are not held accountable, they hold themselves accountable for achieving their goals and successfully executing your organization’s initiatives.

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Empowered self leaders know how to overcome constraints that limit their ability to solve problems, address challenges, and develop innovative solutions.


We know how important it is to the success of your company that every employee be empowered, proactive, and committed to achieving results. Our Self Leadership development program teaches individuals at all levels of your organization how to become empowered self leaders who accept responsibility and take initiative for their own success.

Blanchard’s Self Leadership program builds on the world’s most widely taught leadership model, SLII®, and integrates the latest research on the proactive skills required for individuals to be most effective. Team members learn a shared language for discussing their own development and performance, allowing them to have more effective conversations and build more trusting, open relationships with their managers.

Self Leadership teaches your individual contributors the mindset and skillset needed to become proactive self-starters who know how to ask for direction and support, solicit feedback, and sell their solutions.

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Flexible Delivery To Meet Your Needs

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Self Leadership Workshops can be delivered in-person, virtually, or as a collaborative online experience where learners meet weekly while completing course content and activities online. The in-person workshop is one full day. The live virtual workshop spreads sessions over a few consecutive days. The collaborative online workshop takes place over six weeks, with assignments and cohort meetings once a week. With hundreds of facilitators around the world, we can deliver workshops for your organization or equip you to run them yourself. Public workshops are also available.

The training experience includes real-world practice activities

Self Leadership Online

Self Leadership Online is a powerful, on-demand solution that teaches participants how to challenge assumed constraints, set effective goals, activate their points of power, and proactively seek the direction and support they need.

The core concepts of the Self Leadership program are organized into seven modules consisting of engaging videos, games, stories, and activities that can be completed in a toal of 2.5 hours. Optional live debrief sessions can be facilitated by a Blanchard expert to reinforce skill development.

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Self Leadership Clicks

Our on-demand performance tool, Self Leadership Clicks provides learners with a searchable playlist of tips that can be accessed during moments of need or can be used to refresh or reinforce skills after a training session.

Self Leadership Clicks includes 10 activities that range from 1 to 5 minutes to complete. Each Click is a short exercise or video that focuses on a key element of self leadership such as dealing with over supervision, selling your ideas, or asking for what you need at different developmental stages.

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Help! I'm Stuck and Ready to Quit

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“Self Leadership is a good accountability model and gets people to be responsible. It also helps in the process of removing barriers that prevent individual contributors from maximizing their contributions.”

Gayle Renneke, Director of Learning and Development, Genentech

“We’d hear a lot of employees say, ‘That’s not our problem, that’s so-and-so’s problem.’ Now individual teams are taking responsibility for problems that arise and they are taking action to resolve them. Self Leadership has been a tremendous help in terms of improving quality from an overall results standpoint.”

Dennis Fox, Plant Manager, Bandag

Ready To Get Started?

Self Leadership can be delivered face-to-face, virtually, online, or as a combination of learning modalities. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your employees develop the mindset and skillset to become empowered, proactive self leaders.

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