It's a well known fact that treating your customers well is a key to creating the kind of customer loyalty that can drive revenues and competitive advantage. But it's easier said than done. Most leaders would agree that creating a stellar service culture is a key strategic imperative but they often lack a formal process for making this happen. How does your organization rate? Take our quiz and find out.


Directions: Think about your current organization and respond to each of the statements below.

1. My organization has a clearly defined service vision.
2. In my organization, people are empowered to take initiative to implement the service vision and serve the customers at the highest level.
3. My organization has clearly defined values that all employees know and follow.
4. My organization measures customer satisfaction.
5. People in my organization demonstrate a genuine willingness to serve external customers.
6. Employees in my organization believe that good service is important to our future success.
7. My organization understands its customers and their preferences
8. People in my organization understand that they have both internal and external customers.
9. My organization has dedicated resources to honing and developing the service skills of its employees.
10. Employees in my organization believe that customer service is everyone's job.