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Great Leaders Can Build Strong Connections Remotely

Today’s workforce is increasingly working from home and other remote locations, with teams spread across countries and time zones. Managers struggle to connect with their people through time lags and technology interfaces. It’s the new normal, and it comes with a new set of benefits and challenges. Managing in this environment is tricky. It can be difficult to understand what’s really going on, and even harder to build rapport and trust over long distances. But with the right skillset, managers can increase the effectiveness and productivity of their remote staff.

Remote workers are on average 20% more productive and are half as likely to seek other jobs as those who work in a traditional setting.*

Leading Virtually is A SKILL

Virtual leaders who practice being attentive and mindful—fostering community and accelerating performance and development—will see higher satisfaction, engagement, and productivity in their people who work remotely.

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Boost Connection with Leader

Through more intentional and structured communication, strong virtual leaders can boost their connections with their people.

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Increase Autonomy & Empowerment

Effective virtual leaders increase resourcefulness and autonomy of their direct reports, so they consistently meet goals and deliver results.

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IMprove Employee Engagement

Remote leaders connect team members to the larger organization by actively facilitating collaboration, creating team culture, and building community.

Formula for engaged virtual workers

The Leading Virtually program offer learners a highly engaging experience that includes instruction, responses, reflection, group activities, and opportunities to practice new skills in a safe setting. Based on almost 20 years of helping managers lead virtually, this program focuses on three key practices proven to boost manager effectiveness in a virtual environment.

Managers first learn how to Be Present and Mindful by communicating intentionally with remote team members, structuring conversations for maximum impact, and honoring each other’s work preferences.

Leaders then learn how to Foster Community by building trusting and supportive relationships that stay positive and involve all their people, using the technology available.

Finally, managers are taught how to Accelerate Performance and Development by building the resourcefulness and autonomy of staff members, and helping them move forward in their careers.

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Webinar: 3 Skills Virtual Leaders Need to Master

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Leading Virtually is a virtual instructor-led class that unfolds over three two-hour sessions. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your leaders of remote workers to create motivation and alignment while driving results.

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“4 Strategies for Leading a Virtual Workforce”
*Source: Why Working From Home is a "Future-Looking Technology," Stanford University.