Most change initiatives fail and for similar reasons: 80% of companies use a top-down, minimal-involvement approach that ignores the concerns of the people who are affected.*


Leading People Through Change® is unique: its backbone is a high-involvement, collaborative solution that invites all parties into the change process. This inclusive approach draws on research on leading organizational change and our 30 years of experience in the field.


Recent research shows that a high-involvement approach that uses dialogue between change leaders and employees can increase change success by 34% to 58%, decrease implementation time by 33%, and increase employee engagement by 38%.*

70% OF ALL CHANGE INITIATIVES FAIL.** Failed or stalled change initiatives waste time and money, lower productivity and engagement, and increase employee turnover.

Successfully leading organizational change is critical to the success of your company.


The most successful companies stay ahead of the competition by making change a part of their corporate culture. Leaders who know how to lead organizational change proactively surface and address employees’ concerns and involve them throughout the process—and that moves the entire organization forward.

Increase buy-in while managing change in organizations | Ken Blanchard


Leaders who can uncover, diagnose, and address the predictable concerns of their team members reduce resistance and increase their commitment to the change.

Leading organizational change to get faster results | Ken Blanchard


Organizational change initiatives that are led effectively are supported by employees and realize results faster.

Build organization development and change capacity in your organization


Successful companies make the capacity to change a part of their culture and become more resilient and agile.


Change in organizations is often disruptive. But we know how to get you from where you are to where you need to be.

Leading People Through Change teaches your leaders at all levels how to lead successful change initiatives. Leaders learn how to identify and address the predictable questions employees have and how to resolve their concerns to increase their buy-in and commitment.

Leading People Through Change is based on our 30 years of change leadership consulting experience. The solution also leverages academic research that finds that people are less resistant to change when they have opportunities to share their concerns and receive the appropriate leadership.

Leading organizational change requires diagnosis, flexibility and partnership | Ken Blanchard

Leading Change Digital Solutions

The training experience includes real-world practice activities

Leading People Through Change Overview

This online version of Leading People Through Change introduces learners to core concepts, including the predictable stages of concern people have during a change initiative and how to respond appropriately so your organization can move forward.

Learners work their way through the sections of engaging and interactive activities in 35 minutes.

Building Trust Clicks offers quick mobile trust tips


Leading People Through Change Clicks is an on-demand performance tool that gives learners invaluable tips for leading high-involvement change conversations during moments of need. It also can be used to refresh and reinforce skills after a training session.

The Clicks are a searchable playlist of 10 microlearning activities, each of which can be completed within five minutes. Clicks focus on one key element of leading change such as listening to concerns, dealing with resistance, or creating momentum.

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Co-Creating Change

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Helping Individuals Adapt To Change

It’s not enough to give change leaders the models and tools they need to lead change. To successfully create a culture that is agile and change-adaptive, everyone in the organization must have the mindsets and skills that help them move toward (versus against) change.


For individuals to move toward change, and even embrace it, they must first learn how to navigate it. The Adapting to Change Online Overview program helps people learn and practice Mindfulness, Curiosity, Courage, and Resilience.

Adapting to Change starts by teaching the fundamental skill of Mindfulness. Once someone can sense their physical and emotional responses to change, they can use simple skills to pause and move forward intentionally. With that foundation in place, the online course teaches three more mindsets: Curiosity, Courage, and Resilience.

Online Course Details

Adapting to Change Online Overview is a 35 to 45-minute course that includes engaging participant materials and learning activities, videos, a robust Activity Guide that supports reflection and action planning, and knowledge checks.

Give your teams and individual contributors throughout the organization the ability to thrive during change by teaching them to be more agile, more adaptive, and confident in their ability to change. Teach them to seek information, reframe change as opportunity versus loss, share concerns and ideas, seek the support they need to make the change, and focus on what they can control.

A Look Inside
Adapting to Change

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Global Industrial

Leading People Through Change has been a game changer for us. The highly interactive virtual sessions were delivered flawlessly, under a tight timeframe, by our trusted partners at Blanchard. We’re seeing immediate on-the-job application of the mindsets and skillsets we learned as our people return to the office from working remote.

Joe Dunne, Director, Sales Enablement, Global Industrial
Barilla America Inc.

“Change is inevitable. Rapid change is predictable. If you need practical ideas on moving people ‘from here to there’, Leading People Through Change can provide a simple framework, value tips, and concrete measurement for achieving your change efforts.”

Laura A. Birk, Vice President of Human Resources-Region Americas, Barilla America, Inc.

“The Leading Change program was a valued part of our curriculum for senior executives. It provided a complete framework for helping people manage through a changing work environment.”

Ebtesam M.A. Al Banna, Sr. Manager, Careen Development Program, Etisalat

Ready To Get Started?

Leading People Through Change® is delivered face-to-face or virtually. It can be delivered to an intact team working on a specific change initiative or as an open-enrollment format to build change leadership capability across your organization. No matter how it’s delivered, your leaders will be getting critical work done as they learn.

Making Change Work eBook | Ken Blanchard
“5 Strategies To Make Leading Change Work”
** Cracking the Code of Change, Harvard Business Review