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Inclusive Leadership Means Everyone Feels Valued

Let’s face it. Achieving true diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) isn’t easy. And most organizations today are simply not prepared to truly address this critical mission. What do your leaders need to make all their people feel truly welcomed, included, and valued?

93% of leaders agreed that the D&I agenda is a top priority, but only 34% believed that it's a strength in their workplace.*

Many leaders who want to address the topics of diversity, equity, and inclusion do not have a plan or the skills to carry it out. You need leaders who are equipped to understand the needs of their people and appreciate the unique contributions and perspectives that each brings to the table.

A Pathway to Workplace Inclusivity

Blanchard believes people want to bring their best to work and that everyone deserves an environment where they can truly be themselves. Our leadership solutions create inspired, inclusive leaders who can help bring diversity, equity, and inclusion to life in your organization.

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Inclusivity Begins with Empathy and Respect

Blanchard leadership solutions—like SLII®, Coaching Essentials®, and Blanchard Management Essentials®—all share a servant leadership framework: teaching the importance of developing people as unique and valued colleagues and helping them achieve their goals.

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Inclusivity Requires Psychological Safety

Our Building Trust solution teaches leaders how to create an environment of trust in the workplace that allows everyone to feel safe to be their authentic selves and communicate openly.

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Inclusivity Progresses through Meaningful Conversations

Our Conversational Capacity® solution teaches leaders how to engage in open, balanced, and nondefensive dialogue about difficult subjects—a critical building block to creating an inclusive and empathetic organizational culture.

Achieving DEI through Blanchard® Solutions

Our leadership solutions can serve as the foundation for diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. Combined with our trusted DEI partners’ programs, organizations can create customized, full-featured learning journeys.

The SLII® leadership model is an excellent framework for integrating programs from our DEI partners. It provides a common language and asks leaders to adapt to the needs of their people and increase the quantity and quality of conversations with their employees.

Blanchard Management Essentials® can be fundamental to DEI implementations because it teaches managers how to be empathetic, communicate effectively, set individualized goals, and give feedback.

Coaching Essentials® focuses on teaching leaders to take the time to learn what each person needs to flourish.

Team Leadership teaches managers to build diverse, high performing teams that respect and involve all members.

Building Trust and Conversational Capacity® can help establish an inclusive workplace by teaching how to create a safe, trusting environment where difficult issues can be discussed openly and productively.

Blanchard DEI Partner Solutions


The Vernā Myers Company has helped organizations embrace and advance a culture of inclusion for more than 20 years. Blanchard’s leadership solutions amplify The Vernā Myers Company’s online courses—Exploring Unconscious Bias and Inclusive Leadership—which teach how to create a workplace where everyone feels valued. The programs have highly engaging and modular videos that can be used flexibly to spread DEI awareness and motivation across an organization.

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Since 1992, PRISM International has assisted hundreds of organizations by providing a systemic diversity and inclusion process that focuses on optimizing opportunities in the workplace. Blanchard’s leadership solutions are perfect for pairing with PRISM’s virtual and in-person instructor-led courses: Unconscious Bias, Building Inclusive Teams, Diversity and Inclusion Means You, and Choosing Respect in the Workplace.

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“Blanchard's Point of View on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion”
*Source: Harvard Business Review, 5 Strategies to Infuse D&I into Your Organization, May 2021.
Conversational Capacity® is a registered trademark of Craig Weber.