Common questions about Blanchard for Degreed

What is included with Blanchard® for Degreed?

Available to all Degreed clients, Blanchard for Degreed makes our entire free library of thought leadership accessible through the homepage and search: blogs, articles, podcasts, videos, research, and white papers.

We offer a paid enterprise level of content bundles for our licensed content: SLII®, Self Leadership, Team Leadership, Coaching Essentials®, Blanchard Management Essentials®, Building Trust, Leading People Through Change®, and more. We’re always adding new content to keep it fresh and relevant!


Does Blanchard for Degreed require a separate single sign-on (SSO) integration?

No. The entire experience is searchable in Degreed, so you can access the entire Blanchard library while learning in the flow of work and without additional login credentials. Blanchard for Degreed content integrates seamlessly using Amazon Web Services (AWS), where Degreed operates as the identity provider.


I already use Blanchard content for my company. What is different with Blanchard for Degreed?

Blanchard content is the world’s most popular leadership content. Many clients use Blanchard for their leadership development programs and human skill workshops. We’ve talked to many learning and development leaders who are raving fans of Blanchard and want more on-demand content, tools, learning, and resources to curate them into learning journeys and other programs. We built Blanchard for Degreed to meet those needs, as well as offer additional self-paced solutions. If you currently run Blanchard workshops and programs, you can integrate Blanchard for Degreed for sustainability, online learning, scalability, and reinforcement of workshop learnings. You can also work directly with Blanchard to create customized Plans and Pathways for a leadership development program delivered through your Degreed environment.


Is Blanchard for Degreed an eLearning program, or does it include materials for facilitating virtual and classroom workshops?

Blanchard for Degreed includes our entire library of digital content, eLearning programs, tools, and resources. It also includes PowerPoint® and leader note materials to lead debrief discussions—both in person and virtually—by either a facilitator or leader. You can also work directly with Blanchard to create integrate custom and translated content, as well as build customized Plans and Pathways to weave in live events and workshops.


Is Blanchard for Degreed available in other languages?

The ready-to-go Plans and Pathways are currently available only in English. However, Blanchard content is available in 29 languages—Spanish, Dutch, French, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, German, and more. We can integrate translated content via a custom integration. We’re happy to do a demo of these materials. In the future, we will offer additional bundles that are localized and available in multiple languages.


How does Blanchard for Degreed address my business needs and learning outcomes?

Flawless implementation of a leadership development solution is the hallmark of the Blanchard experience. We’ll work with you to build a leadership strategy that empowers your leaders to succeed today and into the increasingly demanding future.

With our ready-to-go Degreed Plans and Pathways, you can deliver valuable leadership development to all parts of your organization. It’s the perfect option for work-from-home or hybrid workplace environments. It’s also an ideal solution for a geographically dispersed workforce, those using mobile devices, frontline employees, and the next generation of digital natives.

In addition, our team of Solutions Architects have extensive experience in performance excellence, design thinking, learning experience development, measurement and evaluation, and enterprise learning technology. They know how to create learning and leadership development solutions that change people for the better.


Which skills are covered in Blanchard for Degreed?

We provide skills on building trust, goal setting, diagnosing development level, coaching, leadership, leading change, transformative leadership, team development, customer service, conflict management, and more.


Are Blanchard’s classroom and virtual workshops available on Degreed?

You can work directly with Blanchard to create a customized integration to deliver classroom and virtual workshops via Degreed. We’d partner with you to understand how you would manage live events, registration, measurement strategies, and communication plans. The ready-to-go Plans and Pathways available via Blanchard for Degreed can be great for sustainability, online learning, scalability, and reinforcement of workshop learnings.


What are other ways for organizations to partner with Blanchard?

We’ve been creating leadership solutions for more than 40 years, so we know the importance of delivering high-quality content in a variety of ways. From live virtual training to digital learning journeys, and from coaching to keynotes, our team has you covered. Learn more here: