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Today’s learners want instant access to information and learning. Blanchard offers a variety of online programs, digital learning journeys, and just-in-time tools that deliver our world-class leadership training in a flexible, scalable, self-paced format.

Learning through eLearning typically takes 40%–60% less employee time than learning the same material in a traditional classroom setting.*


With digital learning solutions, you have the ability to deliver valuable leadership training to all parts of your organization. It’s the perfect option in the COVID-19 work-from-home environment. It's also an ideal solution for a geographically dispersed workforce, frontline employees, and the new generation of digital natives.

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Proven Content That Works

All Blanchard content is based on the latest academic research and is thoroughly tested in client pilot sessions.

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Human Connection

Blended experiences combine online courses with live moderated sessions to spur interaction, collaboration, and accountability.

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Designed for the Learner

Create engaging learning journeys that are meaningful and inspiring to different learner groups in your organization.


  • Modular Learning: Microlearning and practical tools for immediate use
  • Self-Guided: Learners access content when it’s convenient for them
  • Self-Assessments: Ensures learners discover, reflect, and refine
  • Learn and Try It Out: Learn a little, then apply it to real work
  • Collaborative: Learn from each other during live debrief sessions
  • Curated Resources: Playlists provide essential knowledge in the moment of need

Blanchard Digital Learning Solutions

Online Programs and Microlearning

Our world-class leadership training programs are available in flexible, self-paced formats, letting participants learn and practice new skills when they have the time. They’re powered by award-winning technology, ensuring an engaging experience.

Designed in various lengths to support your learning goals:

  • ONLINE PROGRAMS 1- to 3-hour eLearning courses that include multiple modules with optional live virtual debrief sessions throughout
  • ONLINE OVERVIEWS 35-minute eLearning summaries
  • ONLINE CLICKS 1- to 5-minute microlearning videos, activities, and downloadable tools
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Blended Digital Learning Journeys

Our learning journeys are six-week experiences that teach core leadership principles to leaders, and include live sessions, time for networking, and peer learning. Choose from one of our pre-packaged learning journeys or work with us to design your own.

  • LEADER OF SELF A blend of Self Leadership, Communication Essentials, and Building Trust training programs
  • LEADER OF OTHERS A blend of SLII and Building Trust training programs
  • LEADER ESSENTIALS A blend of Blanchard Management Essentials and Building Trust
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Collaborative Online Experiences

A blend of asynchronous learning and live weekly sessions led by Blanchard expert facilitators and moderators, Collaborative Online Experiences allow participants to learn from their colleagues and practice skills in a safe setting. A state-of-the-art platform inspires interactivity.

  • SELF LEADERSHIP COLLABORATIVE ONLINE An immersive and interactive experience of our Self Leadership program
  • CONVERSATIONAL CAPACITY COLLABORATIVE ONLINE A learning journey that teaches how to engage in constructive, learning-focused dialogue
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Digital Learning Platforms

As a Degreed One-Click provider, our content can be quickly and seamlessly added to your organization's Degreed learning journeys. Blanchard® for Degreed includes over 600 online training modules, videos, podcasts, articles, and practical tools. It is available in three content configurations to choose from.

  • Blanchard® Leadership on the Go Curated selection of our most popular content available via One-Click
  • The Best of SLII® Pairing of SLII® and Self Leadership training solutions
  • The Best of Blanchard® Comprehensive collection of our award-winning solutions including SLII®, building trust, coaching, and many more
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Gain full access to Blanchard’s digital library collection with an annual license. This lets you incorporate our award-winning content into your leadership development strategy for leaders at all levels.


Learning doesn’t end when the class finishes. We designed our digital learning solutions with this in mind, creating a variety of post-session tools that help learners turn workshop content into workplace behaviors.

Kenbot for SLII®

Our chatbot helps learners apply and master leadership skills taught in SLII by providing quick access to common questions. It extends and reinforces key content by linking to videos, worksheets, tools, and assessments, and by pushing reminders on key tasks.

VR Simulation

Blanchard’s Building Trust VR Simulation allows individuals to turn their knowledge into skills by practicing in life-like conversations with a virtual human in an immersive environment. Learners can gain the confidence to build trust and restore trust in a risk-free environment.


The SLII App allows managers to immediately diagnose the leadership needs for a specific task and then access conversation guides, giving them confidence to have conversations with team members.


Blanchard solutions are seamlessly integrated with popular platforms.

Blanchard’s full catalogue of digital assets and online courses—including a free curated list of 280 podcasts, articles, blogs, research, and videos—is available to Degreed clients.
Blanchard uses Circles for group coaching sessions and moderated debriefs during digital learning journeys, team assessments, and team charters.
Blanchard leadership content and personalized, prescriptive, and guided learning journeys are available on demand on MindTickle. Content available includes SLII, Self Leadership, Building Trust, Coaching Essentials, Team Leadership, and Communication Essentials.
Blanchard’s collaborative online workshops are powered by Intrepid’s learning platform that provides “digitally blended” learning journeys to engage participants, provide social collaboration, and support the application of learning over time.
Powered by Mobile Coach chatbot technology, Blanchard’s Kenbot for SLII® helps learners apply and master leadership skills taught in SLII by providing quick access to common questions, and by pushing reminders on key tasks.
Blanchard and Advantexe have partnered to offer an SLII Simulation that supports sustainability and reinforcement of skills by providing an interactive, visual case-study with a story that comes to life.
Blanchard and Talespin have created an immersive VR simulation that allows Building Trust learners to apply their knowledge and practice their skills through a browser or VR headset.

We have client-hosted options for all our online programs and microlearning.


“The beauty of the program is how Blanchard helped us put their content into our voice. The program design is very interactive and engaging.”

Brian O'Neill, Director of Learning and Development, Aimco

“The virtual design meets all of our needs—it’s beautiful, solid and interactive. It maximizes the capabilities of a virtual classroom with fishbowl activities, videos, and breakout sessions, and it mimics the face-to-face design perfectly. We are confident and proud to offer it to our learners.”

Catherine Stewart, Director, Organizational Effectiveness, H&R Block

Ready To Get Started?

Blanchard’s digital learning solutions are flexible, self-paced, and scalable allowing you to deliver world-class leadership training across your organization.

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