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Team Leader Training for High-Performance Teams

Team initiatives often fail to accomplish their goals due to a lack of shared purpose, unclear goals and roles, a lack of mutual accountability, and ineffective leadership. Our Team Leadership training program teaches managers to diagnose their team's development and apply the right leadership style to build and sustain high-performance teams.

By teaching managers these leadership skills, you can significantly improve your teams' ability to execute on projects, grow the business, and adapt to whatever arises.

54% of people spend up to 43% of their day in team meetings and another 34% spend up to 50% of their time in team meetings.*

Yet 42% rarely, if ever, receive training
on how to lead teams.*

Being able to lead productive, effective teams is critical to leveraging the strengths of team members, addressing cross-functional challenges, and getting work done in any organization.

AS A Competitive ADVANTAGE

High-performance teams allow your organization to bring together the multiple skills, strengths, and experiences of its members to solve complex organizational problems, execute more quickly, make better decisions, enhance creativity, and produce consistently superior results.

High performing team leadership styles improve team collaboration


High-performance teams bring together complementary skills, strengths, and experience that exceed the abilities of any single member.

Adopt a team leadership model to achieve superior results | Ken Blanchard


Effective teams are empowered and accountable—they consistently execute strategy, meet goals, and deliver superior results.

Situational team leadership skills can increase teamwork and innovation


Working together, team members share their ideas, talent, and viewpoints to creatively solve problems and develop innovative solutions.

Team leadership training leads to consistently high performing teams


Team members, who have been part of a cohesive, winning team, spread the skills and benefits of high-performance across your organization.

Optimize Your

We know you want your teams to work effectively together across your organization, and our Team Leadership training program can help your organization build high-performance teams.

Team Leadership is a skills-based, practical training program designed to give your team leaders the process, tools, and leadership skills they need to empower team members, improve productivity, and increase the success of your team initiatives.

Based on years of research that analyzes the nature of great teams, Team Leadership teaches your managers the predictable stages of team development and the team leadership styles needed to move them forward quickly and successfully.

Team Leadership Training Program | Ken Blanchard

A Look Inside the New Team Leadership Program

A look inside the Team Leadership program | Ken Blanchard



“Milltronics embarked on a journey toward a team-based, process-driven organization for the future. Partnering with The Ken Blanchard Companies, Milltronics incorporated SLII® and team-building training processes into the company, and identified five strategic areas on which to focus— Product Leadership, Operational Excellence, Total Customer Satisfaction, Distribution Leadership, and People and Organizational Excellence.”

Butler Manufacturing Company

“We love the team-building training program from The Ken Blanchard Companies because this product provides us with a continuity of learning. In addition, it meets the needs of individuals and intact teams, and it gets to the nitty-gritty of the problems teams are facing.”

Wayne Thies, Corporate Training Manager, Butler Manufacturing Company
Aral (Germany)

“We looked at which skills and conditions are needed for a team to achieve the highest level of productivity, and then, during practical exercises, participants learned that smooth-functioning collaboration has a very positive effect on the work environment and productivity.”

Sylvia Peukert, Head of Department Customer Service, Aral (Germany)

Ready To Get Started?

Team Leadership is a one-day workshop, delivered face-to-face or virtually, that will help your managers develop the leadership skills needed to effectively lead high-performance teams.

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“7 Critical Elements of a High Performance Team”
*The Critical Role of Teams, The Ken Blanchard Companies