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Many organizations struggle to find solutions that increase productivity and results in their organization. Situational Leadership® II (SLII®) is a proven, time-tested leadership model that has been used to train over 5 million managers in the world’s most respected organizations. Giving your people what they need, when they need it accelerates their development—creating a more productive, passionate workplace.

Situational leadership training program based on 30 years of research | Ken Blanchard


Situational Leadership® II is based on 30 years of research, millions of hours of classroom training experience, and the best thinking in the learning development field.
Situational leadership model that improves productivity, reduces turnover and increases sales.


Situational Leadership® II drives improved productivity, reduced turnover, increased sales and profits, and delivers up to 10x ROI on your training investment.
Universal and International situational leadership training | Ken Blanchard


Situational Leadership® II has been translated into 15 languages and implemented in 35 different countries. It works at all levels of an organization and across all industries.
Situational leadership theory and training backed by brain science

Backed by Brain Science

Situational Leadership® II satisfies the brain’s need for certainty, autonomy and relatedness, creating a safe workplace where employees are free to problem solve, innovate, and collaborate.

Let’s train your leaders to be situational leaders.


Research shows that employees need different levels of direction and support depending on their level of competence and commitment. The problem is that most managers have only one leadership style that they apply to everyone, in every situation.


of leaders use only one leadership style, regardless of the situation.*


of the time, leaders are using the wrong leadership style to meet the needs of their people.

THE BEST LEADERS ARE Situational Leaders

Situational leaders give their people exactly what they need, when they need it. They offer guidance, caring, and autonomy, and provide just the right amount of direction and support to help their team members succeed. They know how to develop competent, self-reliant contributors who deliver faster results for your organization.

Managers using a situational leadership style help accelerate the development of their teams


With the appropriate direction and support, people progress through development levels more quickly, accelerating their growth so they can deliver greater value to the company.

The situational leadership model instills a common language within an organization

instill a common language

When managers and team members speak the same language, hours of discussion and frustration can be avoided. A common language boosts effectiveness and creates a culture focused on high performance.

Leaders who use a situational leadership style raise morale, make others feel valued and increase retention


Leaders who match their style to the needs of their people raise morale, make others feel valued, and ultimately increase commitment, engagement, and retention.

Applying situational leadership theory creates proactive problem solvers


When employees feel that their managers have their best interests at heart, they perform better, are more creative, and seek optimal solutions to problems.


The Situational Leadership® II model is an easy-to-understand, practical framework that helps your managers diagnose the needs of their people and then provide the appropriate leadership style to meet those needs. Your managers learn the four stages of development, from enthusiastic beginner (D1) to self-reliant achiever (D4), and how to apply the appropriate directive and supportive behaviors, from directing (S1) to delegating (S4), to match the development needs of their people.

The Situational Leadership II situational leadership model | Ken Blanchard


Our award-winning learning design, The SLII Experience, leverages Blanchard’s latest research and state-of-the-art learning design theory to deliver a highly engaging learning experience that helps your managers to learn, practice, and master the Situational Leadership® II styles and skills faster than ever before.

The situational leadership training experience includes video demonstrations
Emotionally compelling videos demonstrate good and bad examples
The situational leadership training experience includes real-world practice activities
eTools and Conversation Starters provide guidelines for development discussions and day-to-day conversations
Get a diagnosis app based on situational leadership theory to plan conversations
Real-world learning and practice activities challenge participants
Learn to master situational leadership style skills | Ken Blanchard
SLII Fitness provides managers with feedback on their progress in becoming Situational Leaders
Situational leadership eTools and Conversation Starters provide guidelines for conversations
SLII Diagnosis App helps managers plan effective conversations
Managers learn the situational leadership model with feedback to help progress faster
Multiple SLII tools including The Power of SLII video can be shared with team members
Situational leadership training with Multiple SLII tools that can be shared with team members
SLII Challenge helps managers master the skills of Situational Leadership® II
Tips and suggestions based on the situational leadership model
SLII Playbook offers tips and suggestions for internal sponsors

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Situational Leadership® II Product Preview

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Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

“An Anthem leadership consultant conducted an impact study to show that SLII applications have made a significant impact on the company’s culture. 79.8 percent of managers indicate that they are comfortable using multiple leadership styles; 68.3 percent of managers indicate they are better able to manage the performance of their staff using SLII skills. It appears that a dose of Situational Leadership® II was just the prescription needed to create organizational health at Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield!”

Anthem Leadership Consultant
Bridgepoint Education

“The streamlined participant materials and engaging videos make the concepts of SLII come alive. This isn’t just a lecture course. Participants spend time practicing the fundamentals of Situational Leadership® II so that they can start applying the new skills immediately.”

Shannon Wellman, Director of Talent Development, Bridgepoint Education
HCL Technologies, LTD

“Employee turnover has decreased from 22 percent to 16 percent, and based on third-party research, HCL has gained high marks for employee engagement and satisfaction. As a final benchmark, repeat customer business has improved from 74 percent to 92 percent, a testimony to the organization’s focus on transformation.”

HCL Technologies, LTD
Wolverine Worldwide

“When they realized developmental coaching and feedback needs to be more task focused instead of only people focused, the light bulb went on. They suddenly understood that the way they work with an employee needs to vary depending on the task at hand. Now instead of thinking a staff member is just having an off day, managers look at the situation in terms of what they can do differently to help that person meet their goal.”

Toni Freeland, Director of Learning and Development, Wolverine Worldwide

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Situational Leadership® II can be delivered face-to-face, virtually, or as a combination of face-to-face, virtual, and online learning modalities. Contact us today to learn more about how we can train your managers to be great leaders that others want to follow.

“Why It’s Crucial To Take a Situational Approach To Management”
*Getting to Know the LBAII, The Ken Blanchard Companies.