Every day, with every customer interaction, you have an opportunity to either build loyalty or lose a customer. While most companies recognize the importance of customer service to their success, it’s still so remarkable when we receive truly great service. Our Legendary Service® customer service training program teaches your managers and front-line service providers how to consistently deliver ideal service that will keep your internal AND external customers coming back and create a competitive edge for your organization.

89% of consumers began doing business with a competitor following a poor customer service experience.

It costs 6-7 times more to attract a new customer than it does to retain an existing customer.

What's poor customer service costing you?


Customers fuel business. Companies that deliver great customer service know that their people and the relationships they build with their customers are their most important assets. They build a service-minded culture, recognizing that customer service starts with how employees treat each other internally and extends to external customers. They empower their people to take initiative, resolve problems, and exceed client expectations, resulting in increased customer loyalty, engagement, innovation, and sales.

Excellent customer service skills increase customer loyalty | Ken Blanchard


Satisfied customers come back to buy more and recommend your organization to their friends and family.

Reduce costs with improved customer care skills | Ken Blanchard


Understanding your customers’ needs and wants can result in substantial savings in acquiring and retaining happy customers.

Excellent customer service creates raving fans | Ken Blanchard


Engaged customers become your biggest fans and generate powerful word-of-mouth advertising, especially with today’s social media outlets.

Excellent customer service feedback for innovation | Ken Blanchard


Customers are your greatest source of feedback to help make improvements and generate innovative solutions to meet their needs.


We know that delivering great customer service is important to the success of your business, yet creating a service-minded culture can be a challenge. Our Legendary Service training program teaches your people how to consistently deliver exceptional service that will keep your customers coming back and creates a competitive edge for your organization.

With the Legendary Service program, your organization gets:

  • Alignment on a service-focused vision, values and behaviors
  • Segmentation of customers based on needs and wants
  • Empowered employees who build great customer relationships
  • Increased customer loyalty which drives increased revenue
The Legendary Service Model Customer Service Training Programs | Ken Blanchard

An Introduction to Legendary Service

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California State University San Marcos

“We had delivered leadership training to managers, but not to all employees. We realized everyone needed customer service training so that we would have a unified vision of service and operate under the same principles. So we made Legendary Service training mandatory for all 225 employees. The results have been great…we score higher in almost every department when compared to other universities.”

Katy Rees, Associate Vice President of Administration, California State University San Marcos
Weichert Workforce Mobility

“We are very proud of the industry recognition we’ve received, and it points to the work our colleagues have been doing to provide great service to our clients. We’ve never won four industry service awards before—in fact, no relocation management company ever has. It does not matter what we think about our service, only what our clients and customers think and feel.”

Chris Brunone, SVP of Talent Development, Weichert Workforce Mobility
San Diego Padres

“Blanchard assisted us in creating the most powerful, interactive adult training session that anyone could imagine. They were instrumental in helping to connect our management team and our contracted services partners in order to cement everyone’s commitment to creating a memorable customer experience.”

Richard Andersen, EVP and Managing Director, San Diego Padres

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The Legendary Service program is a one-day workshop, delivered face-to-face or virtually. Let us show you how our Legendary Service program can help your organization create a service-focused culture and turn customers into raving fans for your business.

3 Mistakes Organizations Make that Undermine Customer Service E-Book
“3 Mistakes Organizations Make that Undermine Customer Service”

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**White House Office of Consumer Affairs