Succeed with a First-time, New Manager Training Program

There are over 2 million people being promoted into management roles each year, and the transition from successful employee to successful manager is a difficult one. 60% of first-time managers fail because the skill set required for the job is entirely different! Our First-time Manager program sets new managers up for success by providing them with the training and skills needed to make a smooth transition.

60% OF NEW MANAGERS UNDERPERFORM during their first two years. Those that survive develop BAD HABITS that stay with them throughout their career.*

85% receive no training prior to switching into the role of manager.*


Are your new managers prepared?

Why Should You Train New Managers?

A great start makes all the difference! New managers who receive the necessary tools, skills, and training, right from the start, are set up to become effective leaders who can foster engaged, productive direct reports and drive greater results for your organization. Our leadership training program for new managers will help to reduce burned-out managers, low morale among team members, and loss of promising talent.

First Time Manager Training Builds Success And Momentum


Training helps managers make a smooth, successful transition and feel good about themselves and their new role.

New Manager Training Creates High Performing Teams


Properly trained managers know how to support, motivate, and empower their team members to drive performance and results.

Training for New Managers Develops Effective Leadership Styles


New managers learn and develop effective leadership styles and skills that will serve them throughout their careers.

Develop Future Leaders With an Effective New Manager Training Program

We know that you want your new managers to be successful, and we can help them get off to a great start using our First-time Manager training program.

Our approach to leadership training for new managers builds on the time-tested secrets of the best-selling book, The New One Minute Manager®, and introduces the mindset, core conversations, and communication skills first-time managers need to achieve success quickly and build positive relationships with their team members.

Our Approach

The Four Core Conversations

The Four Core Conversations model in our leadership training for new managers provides a highly effective framework for understanding the important conversations needed to manage people and performance.

Four Core Conversations Model for New Manager Training

Four Essential Skills

With our Four Essential Skills, first-time managers learn how to have purposeful conversations that create positive, productive relationships.

Four Essential Skills For New Managers - Skill 1 - Listen to Learn
Listen to Learn
Set aside distractions and concentrate on
understanding all that is being expressed.
Four Essential Skills For New Managers - Skill 2 - Inquire for Insight
Inquire for Insight
Ask questions that draw out insights and
ideas from the other person.
Four Essential Skills For New Managers - Skill 3 - Tell Your Truth
Tell Your Truth
Share information that is needed to help
move the person forward.
Four Essential Skills For New Managers - Skill 4 - Express Confidence
Express Confidence
Build self-assurance and enthusiasm.


Alberta Pensions Services

“First-time managers so rarely receive the guidance and training they need to be effective. We often assume that management or leadership skills are something people are born with. They're not. These are teachable skills. Blanchard's first-time manager program will help an entire generation of new leaders get off to a winning start.”

Karen Adams, President and CEO, Alberta Pensions Services

“Training for first-time managers is critical to provide both the tools and the confidence to step quickly into a new role. This course provides practical knowledge that can help prevent ‘rookie mistakes’ and expedite trust between a supervisor and team member. Newly promoted managers won’t be wondering in the back of their minds, “Am I doing this right?” They can have the confidence to communicate in a planned, distinct manner from the get-go.”

Rosanna Watson, Global Supply Chain Training Manager, Freeport-McMoRan
Washington Trust Bank

“Becoming a first-time manager is a defining moment in time and if met with the right approach can certainly change the trajectory of your career. I believe the key is in taking your relationships a step deeper and earning trust as a respected leader. For me, this starts and ends with the quality and depth of conversations with those I lead. Blanchard’s First-Time Manager program provides exactly the information that will help new leaders start their new careers with confidence.”

Kate Harmon, Retail Learning and Development Manager, Washington Trust Bank

Ready To Get Started?

Our leadership training program for new managers is a one-day workshop, delivered face-to-face or virtually, that will help your new managers know the leadership tools and skills they need to effectively manage and develop their people.

Want To Learn More?

first-time manager ebook
“4 Essential Skills Your New Managers Need to Know”
*Corporate Executive Board; First Time Manager Survey, The Ken Blanchard Companies, 2015.