is your organization suffering
from a lack of trust?

Trust is at the heart of every relationship, and it’s especially critical in the workplace. In fact, the primary factor affecting employee turnover is whether or not a trusting relationship was developed between the manager and the employee. Our Building Trust workshop teaches your managers how to build trust to increase engagement, creativity, and commitment.

82% of people say they don’t trust their boss to tell the truth and 45% OF EMPLOYEES say lack of trust in leadership is the biggest issue impacting their work performance.*

We all know what a distrustful workplace looks like: managers withhold information, people talk behind each other’s backs, employees are afraid to share concerns, no one takes responsibility, and you end up with poor morale, lower productivity, increased turnover, and an unhealthy work environment.

In contrast, high trust organizations experience 32x greater risk-taking, 11x more innovation, and 6x higher performance.**

Build a Foundation of TRUST

When you have trusting relationships between your team members and their leaders, you have the foundation for building a successful organization with higher levels of collaboration, increased creativity and risk-taking, more effective execution of business strategy, and increased commitment and loyalty to your company.

Increase Performance By Building Trust At Work


Employees have higher levels of commitment and give more discretionary effort.

The Trust Model Helps Retain Employee Talent - Building Trust


Employees are more likely to stay and endorse the company as a great place to work.

Drive Creativity and Innovation By Building Trust


Employees feel safe to communicate more openly, share their best ideas, and take initiative.

Better Workplace Collaboration - Building Trust


Colleagues and teams help each other and work together to get things done.

How to develop

We know how important trust is in every relationship. Our Building Trust program can help your leaders and their team members learn how to build trust in the workplace and how to repair it when it’s been broken.

Based on 30 years of research, our trust experts have developed a simple, yet powerful trust model that provides a common language and framework, focused on the specific behaviors that build trust.

With the Building Trust program, individuals are able to understand the impact of their behaviors on building or eroding trust, and can identify those aspects that need attention to build and maintain trusting relationships.

Trust Model Elements - Building Trust

Want to learn more?

Does your organization have a trust issue?

Building Trust - The Critical Link to a High-Involvement, High-Energy Workplace Begins with a Common Language

Flexible Delivery to Meet Your Needs

Flexible delivery option: Live in-person classroom | Ken Blanchard

Live In-Person

With hundreds of facilitators around the world, we can deliver Building Trust to your managers face-to-face at your offices.
Live Virtual Classroom

Live Virtual

Your managers can participate in live, virtual training sessions and learn how to build trusting relationships right from their desks.
On-Demand eLearning Program | Ken Blanchard

On-Demand eLearning Program

Our Building Trust online program gives your managers a brief overview of the core concepts available anytime, anywhere.
On-Demand Support Tools

On-Demand Support Tools

Building Trust Clicks provide managers with browsable tips on building trust for just-in-time learning.

Building Trust Digital Solutions

The training experience includes real-world practice activities

Building Trust Online

Leveraging the latest in learning design and advanced technology, our online version of Building Trust is designed to introduce learners to the core concepts and skills needed to build and maintain trustful relationships.

Learners work their way through three modules composed of engaging micro-activities ranging from 1 to 5 minutes each in length, requiring 35 minutes to complete.

Building Trust Clicks offers quick mobile trust tips

Building Trust Clicks

Our latest on-demand performance tool, Building Trust Clicks provides learners with trust tips that can be accessed just-in time during moments of need or can be used to introduce, refresh or reinforce skills before or after a training session.

Building Trust Clicks includes a searchable playlist of 12 microlearning activities, ranging from 1 to 5 minutes each.



“Trust is a key element of leadership—and using Blanchard’s Building Trust program along with SLII® provided a comprehensive skill set for our leaders. We found the SLII® and Building Trust programs to be a natural bridge for providing leaders with the skills they need to be effective.”

Gregory Campbell, PhD, Deputy Chief Inspector, Western Field Operations, USPIS

“Building Trust is essential to developing a strong relationship with team members and customers alike. The Blanchard Building Trust program delivers a powerful process to not only understand the driving force behind building trust, but also tools to improve, or even restore trust when it is broken. We are excited to experience the impact of this program on our teams, as well as our customer relationships.”

Mary Randall, Manager, Performance Consulting, GCS Education Services, CareFusion
WD-40 Company

“SLII® gives us a non-confrontational language to use. It helps us understand each situation and the leadership style that will meet the tribe member where they are with a particular task or project. And the Building Trust program helps us maintain a safe environment where people know that their leaders mean them no harm. The two programs work together seamlessly to improve communication, productivity, and morale throughout the organization.”

Garry Ridge, President and CEO, The WD-40 Company

Ready To Get Started?

Building Trust is delivered as a half-day face-to-face or virtual workshop, or as a brief online overview. Contact us today to learn how we can help your managers build trusting relationships throughout your organization.

Building Trust eBook
“7 Warning Signs That Distrust Is harming Your Organization”
*Edelman Trust Barometer, 2013
** The How Report, 2016