Asking for Help When You’re Overextended

There are a lot of different ways to respond to burnout and disengagement. Quiet quitting has certainly been a popular option lately. However, most of the positive options for dealing with burnout involve stepping into conversations, not withdrawing from them, says Dr. Vicki Halsey, vice president of applied learning at The Ken Blanchard Companies.

“You want to proactively address the things that are missing in your work environment instead of settling for less.”

This is especially true for managers, says Halsey. “More than two-thirds of managers we’ve heard from have reported symptoms of burnout within the past year. This is a critical problem that needs to be addressed. Managers are the ones who hold things together in an organization and serve as positive energy role models. We must keep this important group well-nourished and functioning at a high level.”

Halsey recommends a three-step process for managers that begins with self-evaluation.

Blanchard monthly webinar
Asking for Help: Preventing Burnout, Withdrawal, and Quiet Quitting

Burnout is prevalent in today’s work environment. Withdrawal and quiet quitting are being suggested as a possible remedy. But is there a better way? In this interactive, online webinar, Dr. Vicki Halsey shares strategies for identifying and speaking up for the resources you need to regain passion and perform at your best.

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“We also wanted to measure the results of the training but weren’t sure how to manage that process with our small staff.”

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Supercharge Your Next One-on-One

One-on-one meetings with your boss provide a chance to set the course for your professional future. They are an important time to get the direction and support you need to thrive.

Explore six ways you can make the most of your next meeting with your leader in this complimentary eBook!

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