Don’t Stigmatize Your Learners

When Blanchard’s vice president of applied learning, Dr. Vicki Halsey, asks senior leaders what percent of their people are peak performers, they say only about 10%. Halsey says part of the problem is that leaders spend more time evaluating talent than they do developing it.

“So that means nine out of ten people are not necessarily successful on the different tasks you need your people to do. That won’t cut it in today’s job market and our ever-changing work environment. We need to find a way to keep our best talent growing and get our new talent up to speed quickly.”

Halsey’s recommendation? Bake learning and development into your culture.

October Webinar
Creating a Culture of Learning and Development

Dr. Vicki Halsey, vice president of applied learning at The Ken Blanchard Companies, shares best practices on leading in today’s changing work environment; how goal setting, diagnosing, and matching brings out the best in people; and how to put ideas into practice at an individual, team, and organizational level.

SD Worx Client Spotlight
Delivering a Foundational Leadership Learning Journey at SD Worx

“We wanted the training to be comprehensive, but it had to be delivered in short, two-hour sessions,” explains Ian Walters, L&D director. “Blanchard proposed a program that included self-paced online pre-work followed by virtual instructor-led sessions.”

New Blanchard Podcast
Leverage Change with Jake Jacobs

Jake Jacobs, author of Leverage Change: 8 Ways to Achieve Faster, Easier, Better Results, encourages listeners to embrace change, love the troublemakers, and find ways to help people make a meaningful difference.

new blog post from Blanchard
Giving Feedback to the Boss—and Receiving it Graciously

Feedback can conjure up negative feelings. Most people (including your boss) see feedback as being criticized, second-guessed, or reprimanded.

chat bot for SLII
Kenbot for SLII®

Blanchard’s new chatbot helps learners apply and master leadership skills taught in SLII by providing quick access to common questions. It reinforces key content by linking to videos, worksheets, tools, assessments, and by pushing reminders.

new Blanchard eBook

New eBook on successfully managing in the new world of work

The emerging new world of work demands a different kind of leader—someone who inspires hybrid teams, connects deeply with people, instills loyalty and passion, and drives engagement. Your organization can thrive if your leaders use best practices to onboard and train new hires and retain existing staff. Explore how in this new Blanchard eBook!

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