Brendon Burchard on Taking Back Your 2020

Leaders need to look themselves in the eye and ask: Am I equipping people with the performance habits that will help them work remotely, work as a team, and pull us through 2020? says Brendon Burchard, bestselling author of High Performance Habits: How Extraordinary People Become That Way.

“The key in today’s turbulent pandemic world is to move from a coping conversation to a performance conversation,” says Burchard.

“Leaders are being naturally and importantly empathetic with teams during these uncertain times. But there is a difference between empathy with no edge for performance, and empathy with an edge for performance. We need to put the performance edge back into our individuals, our leaders, and our teams to survive 2020 and come out of this period strong enough to handle 2021.”

Siz Performance Habits Webinar
Six High Performance Habits to Take Back 2020
September 23, 2020

Best-selling author Brendon Burchard shows you how to dramatically improve your organization’s focus, energy, and performance in a way that helps you finish the year incredibly strong.

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