Becoming a Trusted, Authentic Leader

Over the course of his 28-year professional career, Scott Blanchard was known in his organization as both a “key innovator” and a “chief disruption officer,” depending on who you talked to. As a result, people were understandably cautious when Scott took on the role of company president just before COVID-19 turned the L&D world—and the company—upside down.

In an all-hands meeting immediately following the announcement of his promotion, Blanchard decided to share his leadership point of view with the company. For people who didn’t really know him yet, it was a way to introduce himself. For those who knew him well, it was a way to share more deeply the people and events that influenced his leadership style, as well as the values that would guide his journey as president.

“I talked about my need for forthrightness,” said Blanchard.

Creating and Sharing Your Leadership Point of View

In this webinar, Scott Blanchard, president of The Ken Blanchard Companies, shares a three-step approach for creating strong, authentic bonds of trust between leaders and the people they work with using The Ken Blanchard Companies’ Leadership Point of View process.

Powder River Energy Corporation

“Creating my Leadership Point of View helped me understand two important aspects of leadership—self awareness and empathy,” says Mike Easley, CEO of PRECorp. “When you hold up a mirror and really look at yourself, the awareness you gain is the first step to being more than a manager: you’re becoming a leader.”

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Pat Zigarmi: Creating Your Leadership Point of View

Pat Zigarmi shares how identifying key people and events that influenced your leadership, describing your leadership values, and sharing your expectations builds trust and connection.

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Real Talk About Leading Hybrid Teams

Hybrid teams are not new, but managing in this setting is new to many organizations and leaders. Trust expert Randy Conley offers some straight-up talk about what it’s like to lead a hybrid team.

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Simple Truths of Leadership

Coming February 1st. Ken Blanchard teams up with trust expert Randy Conley to identify the time-tested principles for building a high-performing, trust-filled, others-focused culture. Now available for pre-order!


Introducing a Transformative Leadership Experience

The emerging new world of work demands a different kind of leader—someone who inspires hybrid teams, connects deeply with people, instills loyalty and passion, and drives engagement. Learn how Blanchard’s new Leadership Point of View process connects leaders to their people in a powerful and lasting way.

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