Leadership Development: Finding Your Place in the Digital Future

“COVID-19 has had an immediate and massive impact on the leadership, learning, and talent development community,” says Ann Rollins, a solutions architect with The Ken Blanchard Companies.

“As one client shared with me, ‘I had to recreate everything that was face to face and make it virtual. We did that, but our learners did not respond favorably to what we created for them.’”

That client’s experience was not unique, says Rollins.

“Many clients stopped production on all types of work so their instructional designers could ‘digitize everything’ or ‘virtualize everything.’ It put a lot of pressure on people who were new to creating virtual learning experiences.”

The Future of Leadership Development
October 21, 2020

Join The Ken Blanchard Companies for a frank conversation about what's happening in L&D and how to develop an effective strategic plan to meet learning's changing landscape.

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As businesses face unprecedented change and seek new opportunities, success depends on having the right kind of leadership. Learn how Blanchard has risen to the challenge with innovative ways to develop your leaders and create connections in the virtual workplace. 

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