HR/L&D Trend Survey Identifies Top Issues for 2023

“Hiring, retention, and employee experience will be the top issues for HR professionals heading into the new year,” say Jay Campbell and David Witt, after looking at the early results from The Ken Blanchard Companies® recent trend survey. More than 700 leadership, learning, and talent development professionals took part in this year’s annual survey, entitled Enhancing the Employee Experience in a Hybrid World.

“Some 76% of respondents believe hiring will be more difficult in 2023 than it was in 2022,” says Campbell. “And 79% of respondents report that employee retention will be even more of a challenge next year.”

Employee experience will be the focus area in the battle for engagement next year, adds Witt.

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2023 L&D Survey: Enhancing the Employee Experience in a Hybrid World

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn what leadership, learning, and talent development professionals are doing—and planning to do—as they deal with a changing learning environment. The event is free, courtesy of The Ken Blanchard Companies.

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Building a Culture of Consistent Leadership at WEX

“We were very intentional about defining the behaviors we wanted our leaders to use so we could provide development opportunities that focused on specific skills and capabilities. Our goal was to have a culture of leadership consistency at all levels,” says Brittainy Charette, lead, leadership excellence.

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The Courage to Lead Inclusively

As people begin their journey toward greater diversity, equity, and inclusion, one major obstacle they face is simply knowing how. There’s no single answer to this but there are some steps that can get you started on the path, shares DEI practice team leader April Hennessey.

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Multimodal Learning: Let’s Start a Learning Revolution

“Our job as learning and development (L&D) leaders is to ensure we set everyone up for success by designing learning experiences using methods that address the diverse ways in which people learn,” says instructional design expert Vicki Halsey.

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