JUNE 2022

Building a Better Organization

“Every organization is critically aware that investing in your management and your people is the key to succeeding in today’s market,” says Scott Blanchard, leadership expert and president of The Ken Blanchard Companies.

“Great companies have always been dedicated to creating great leaders and investing in their people. But there are a lot of other companies where that hasn't necessarily been a top priority—until now. Right now, every company is trying to be better. There's a higher need to act good, to do good, and to be good.”

Blanchard explains that many companies are taking this opportunity to build a better business.

“We’re making sure we're not just building the same business back to the way it was; we are building something better. I think there are a lot of people doing that.”

Monthly Webinar
Leading in a Changeable Work Environment

In a time of great change and intersecting trends, leaders need to create a culture of innovation, resilience, and agility. What are the communication skills and strategies needed to successfully meet these challenges? Leadership expert Scott Blanchard shares three strategic focus areas.

Blanchard Client Spotlight
Improving Leadership Skills One Conversation at a Time at ATI Physical Therapy

“We knew the future success of our organization depended on the quality of conversations our leaders would be able to have with their people,” explains Tom Denninger, senior director of learning and development for ATI Physical Therapy.

New Blanchard Podcast
Love + Work with Marcus Buckingham

Do what you love. Sounds simple, right? Marcus Buckingham shares how to determine when you are at your best, so you can do what you love, and do it for the rest of your life.

new blog post from Blanchard
Overcoming Unconscious Biases

Inclusive leadership depends on seeing events, situations, and people objectively. It is only when we do this that we can make decisions that correspond to reality, explains Nicole Johnson.

New Article
Combat The Great Resignation With a Culture of Learning

People want to grow. It’s a basic human need. And organizations that create cultures of learning are going to satisfy this and keep their people, says Vicki Halsey.

Manager survey

Research Survey: Challenges and Realities of Today’s Managers

How much time does good management require? What are the biggest stressors and challenges for today’s managers? What is blocking their success? What would help them be more effective?

These are just some of the questions explored in Blanchard’s new research into the challenges and realities of today’s managers. Share your thoughts and experiences in this short, 5-minute survey. All participants will receive the results when they are published this summer. But hurry, survey closes June 10!

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