JUNE 2021

Succeeding with Your Post-COVID Re-entry Plan

“People are returning to a different place—or are in a different place, post COVID,” says Scott Blanchard, president of The Ken Blanchard Companies.

“This isn’t about a return to work. It is about the return to performance,” says Stan Slap, New York Times bestselling author and CEO of the global culture consulting company SLAP. “Do it right and this transformation can serve you and soar your business. Do it wrong and it will stall you and stay with you.”

As leaders put the finishing touches on strategies for bringing back their workforce, whether in full or in some new form, Blanchard and Slap recommend examining and reigniting the relationship with your employee and manager cultures.

Blanchard June Webinar Series
Returning to the Workplace: Exploring a Hybrid Model
June 16–July 21, 2021

Join us for a complimentary, five-part webinar series. Everything you need to know to create a successful return-to-work learning journey. Register for any single event—or all five! All events are free, courtesy of The Ken Blanchard Companies.

Delta Dental Client Spotlight
Determining the ROI of SLII® at Delta Dental of California

“We didn’t have a touchstone that defines what it means to be a leader at Delta Dental,” says Ben Sieke, director, talent development and learning. “We wanted a unifying philosophy for leaders to follow and a program to give them the skills to lead their teams effectively.”

New Blanchard Podcast
Refine Your Employee Culture with Stan Slap

Bestselling business author Stan Slap explains why employee culture is the key to whether your strategies will succeed or fail. He shares tips from his book, Under the Hood: Fire up and Fine-Tune Your Employee Culture.

new blog post from Ken Blanchard
6 Strategies to Build Trust in Your Post-Pandemic, Return to The Office Plan

Trust expert Randy Conley shares six strategies to help you develop, communicate, and implement a plan that results in building higher levels of trust with your employees.

New Online Workshop
Conversational Capacity Collaborative Online Course

Conversational Capacity is a moderated online learning journey that teaches how to engage in constructive, learning-focused dialogue when challenging topics or conflicts arise.

New SLII eBook

Are You a Directive or Supportive Leader?

Forty years of Blanchard research has proven that the best leadership style is the one that matches the developmental needs of the person you’re working with. Is the direct report new and inexperienced about the task at hand? If so, more guidance and direction are called for. Are they experienced and skilled? In that case, they require less hands-on supervision and a more supportive style. To bring out the best in others, leadership must be tailored to both the individual and the situation.

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