JULY 2022

New Blanchard Survey Explores Top Manager Challenges

“We’ve seen many changes and power shifts in the employment space over the past two years that have put a great deal of pressure on managers,” says Jay Campbell, chief product officer at The Ken Blanchard Companies.

“That was the genesis of the Manager Challenges Survey we just completed. We strongly suspected that new work realities such as the increasing pace of change, the shift to hybrid work arrangements, and heightened turnover have been adding to an already long list of managerial challenges. We wanted to get a sense of what the impact has been and how today’s managers are coping. More than 800 managers shared their experiences with us.”

In preparation for an August 10 webinar where he will formally share results, Campbell has been identifying major themes in the data.

Blanchard monthly webinar
2022 Top Manager Challenges Survey Results

What are the top challenges facing today’s managers? What are the realities they’re facing? What can organizations do to improve the environment?

These are just some of the questions Jay Campbell, chief product officer of The Ken Blanchard Companies, will be addressing as he shares the results of Blanchard’s 2022 Manager Challenges Survey.

Monthly client spot light
Developing Foundational Leadership Skills for Sales Leaders at LexisNexis Risk Solutions

“Part of our leadership team had gone through SLII training from Blanchard. I was already familiar with the program and remembered the visceral reaction I had when I experienced the match-mismatch concept,” says Curt Will, senior director global effectiveness. “It was powerful, and I knew it would be useful to our sales leaders.”

New Blanchard Podcast
The Job You Were Born For with Eileen Hahn

Eileen Hahn shares tips for aligning your work with your life’s purpose from her new book, The Job You Were Born For. Learn a method for exploring what you were born to do while loving every moment of it and making a positive impact in the world.

new blog post from Blanchard
The Top Challenges You’ll Face at Each Stage of Your Leadership Journey

Whether you’re just getting into management or you’re well established in your leadership journey, it’s important to be aware of common challenges you’ll face, says leadership expert Randy Conley.

New Article
What Can Your Managers Do Now to Drive the Great Retention?

The Great Resignation has been a wakeup call for leaders to establish and live uplifting values, reignite hope, and create an inspired work environment, says vice president of applied learning Vicki Halsey.

eBook on leading virtually

Free eBook: Four Strategies for Leading a Virtual Workforce

Millions of employees around the world have shifted to a full-time work-from-home status. As a result, leaders who once led primarily face-to-face are being challenged with a new role as a hybrid/virtual leader.

This makes virtual leadership skills more vital than ever to organizational success. Explore four key skill areas in this complimentary eBook from The Ken Blanchard Companies!

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