JULY 2021

Returning to the Office Provides an Opportunity to Demonstrate Trust

Organizations have an opportunity to intentionally increase trust with their people by the open and collaborative way they handle plans for people returning to the office, says trust expert Randy Conley.

"As a leader, you have a choice on where to invest your energy. You can do it through micromanaging and strictly enforcing everyone's work schedules—or you can spend your time empowering your people, investing in them, trusting them, and helping them achieve their goals, regardless of whether they're sitting in a nearby office or joining a Zoom call from home.”

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Now’s the Time for Authentic, Transparent Conversations

Conversational capacity is the ability to have constructive, learning-focused dialogue about difficult subjects, under challenging circumstances, and among people with diverse views. “This is an important skill as we try to figure out what the post-COVID workplace looks like,” says bestselling business author Craig Weber.

“We need to develop this skill for two reasons. First, people have different views about what's appropriate and what's not appropriate based on their previous experience. The second reason is that some people are questioning whether they want to go back to the kind of work environment they had before. So the ability to engage in balanced, learning-focused conversations that take into account the needs of both the organization and the individual is pivotal.”


Upcoming Webinars

July Webinar
Conversations about Change: Increasing Your Conversational Capacity
July 7, 2021

Bestselling business author Craig Weber shares how to develop conversation skills that keep communication open, balanced, and learning-focused when dealing with important issues and difficult challenges.

July Webinar
Accelerating Trust During Times of Change
July 21, 2021

To ensure high levels of organizational performance, leaders need to tackle trust head-on. In this webinar, Blanchard trust practice leader Randy Conley shows how leaders can improve the levels of trust in their organization by identifying potential gaps.

New Blanchard Podcast
From the Battlefield to the White House to the Boardroom with Bo Brabo

Brabo shares how leaders can thrive by putting a focus on people and acting in alignment with the core values of their organization, whether big or small, public or private, for-profit or not-for-profit.

new blog post from The Ken Blanchard Companies
The 3 Mind Shifts (and 4 Skills) to Effectively Lead Hybrid Teams

Pre-COVID, many hybrid virtual teams existed. Some people worked from home or from the road full time, and others did a mix of the two. What’s different as we look ahead to work in the future?

Public Online Workshop
Self Leadership Collaborative Online Course

Join us for this 6-week, collaborative online course that teaches you to become a proactive self-starter and take the reins of your development. You’ll learn how to ask for direction, solicit feedback, and sell your solutions.

Global Industrial Client Spotlight

Putting Employees First During Change at Global Industrial

Just as everyone was getting used to working from home, we were tasked with the challenge of moving back into the office. “In addition to the turmoil of the pandemic, we knew our people would be feeling many different levels of fear and concern about returning to the office. We needed to arm our leaders with the tools to support their people,” says Joe Dunne, director of sales enablement.

The organization’s leaders already used SLII® and Coaching Essentials® skills to set goals and manage the performance of their teams, so they understood the importance of having effective conversations. Global Industrial mapped the specific competencies of the sales role to each development level of SLII so that the language was embedded into their sales process and culture.

“To continue the great work we had started with SLII, we asked our partners at The Ken Blanchard Companies how they could help us with this challenge,” says Dunne.

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