JULY 2020

Building Your Conversational Capacity

“The ability to have constructive, learning-focused dialogue under pressure is critical right now,” says bestselling business author Craig Weber. “In our rapidly changing world, everyone's scrambling to figure out how to work together in this new context. How do we work together in a virtual environment? How do we provide valuable service to our customers? What does the future hold, and how do we prepare for it?”

Weber explains that because collaborative learning is a core skill in the future of work, being able to engage in learning-focused conversations is more important than ever. We need to focus on building our own conversational capacity and that of our teams.

Conversational Capacity Webinar
Leading the Future of Work: 3 Steps to Building Conversational Capacity
July 29, 2020

Craig Weber shares how to develop conversation skills that will keep your team on track when dealing with tough challenges. Help your leaders develop a foundational competence for the new future of work.

Client Spotlight on CareDx
Virtual Learning at CareDx

“I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to train our staff, and I knew Blanchard offered the program in a virtual learning experience,” says Jere Ramsey Lester, human resources business partner for CareDx, Inc. “I admit I had some doubts because I knew the experience wouldn’t be the same as a classroom setting.”

La'Wana Harris on Diversity Beyond Lip Service

La’Wana Harris shares key points from her new book, Diversity Beyond Lip Service, and explains how to make conscious choices that mitigate bias.

Getting to the Sweet Spot of Effective Communication

Learn how to develop the awareness, mindset, and skillset to work together effectively under pressure in this white paper exploring the key communication factors.

Training for Trainers
Virtual Training for Trainers

Explore Blanchard’s virtual training options that prepare leadership, learning, and talent development professionals to roll out learner-centric designs like The SLII Experience.

Self Leadership Online Learning Journey

Learn the Mindset and Skillset to Become
an Empowered, Proactive Self Leader

July 27 – September 4, 2020

Join us for this 6-week, online collaborative course to develop a self-starting mindset so you can take the reins, achieve your goals, and accelerate your development.

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