Blanchard® Releases Essential Motivators—a Framework for Understanding Ourselves and Others

Discovering Your Authentic Motivators at Work

Have you ever thought about what really motivates you at work—and what motivates others?

A little bit of self-discovery might be the key to reengaging a workforce that wants a more fulfilling employee experience in the new year, says Courtney Harrison, a master facilitator of The Ken Blanchard Companies’ new Essential Motivators™ learning journey.

“It begins with knowing yourself—knowing what motivates you and being able to honor your values,” says Harrison. “The next step is to understand others and what motivates them.”

People might be out of practice with identifying motivators, says Harrison. “The demands of the past three years have put an emphasis on results. And while people have recognized the need for increased meaning and purpose in their work, solutions have been harder to identify.”

Harrison believes part of the answer is to dig down beneath the surface of your goals, deadlines, and incentives and discover what truly motivates you.

Monthly Webinar Title
Developing a Deeper Understanding of Yourself and Others: An Introduction to Essential Motivators

Understanding what motivates you and others is an essential ingredient to increasing meaning, purpose, and satisfaction at work.

In this webinar, leadership expert Courtney Harrison will guide participants through an introductory look at temperament theory and how it is used in today’s work environments to enhance employee experience.

AZ DES client story
Improving Leader Behaviors by 91 Percent at the Arizona Department of Economic Security

“We wanted to improve turnover and engagement scores. I knew this program would help us build more effective leaders, which would have a positive influence on those metrics.

“But to help us with those measures, we needed a clearly defined path for learning,” says Irfan Choudhery, administrator over leadership development.

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Six Strategies for Thriving in the Hybrid Workplace

We have an opportunity to create working environments where everyone can feel a sense of purpose and belonging. Senior consulting partner John Hester outlines individual, team, and organizational strategies.

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Top Challenges for L&D Leaders in 2023

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