Improving Employee Experience: The Leader’s Role

There’s a lot to unpack in the 2023 HR/L&D Trends Survey, says Scott Blanchard, president of The Ken Blanchard Companies.

“We asked over 700 leadership, learning, and talent development professionals to share their biggest challenges and how they are planning to address them in the coming year. There are a lot of challenges but also a lot of optimism for the new year.

“Retaining people and reducing turnover, improving employee experience and engagement, and developing a close-knit culture despite shifts to hybrid work arrangements were all cited,” says Blanchard. “Some 67% of respondents said it’s harder to create engaging employee experiences in a hybrid/remote work environment, 75% believe hiring will be more challenging in 2023, and 79% believe it will be harder to retain their best people.”

To address these challenges, survey respondents indicated they will be focusing on increased spending for leadership development initiatives—with a majority of respondents indicating a 10-30% increase.

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Five Focus Areas for Maximizing Employee Experience: A Senior Executive Perspective

The last three years have featured unprecedented change in the business environment. Scott Blanchard, president of The Ken Blanchard Companies, takes an in-depth look at five factors most-cited as key to a positive employee experience by L&D professionals in a recent survey.

Cascades client story
Upskilling Leaders at Cascades

“We wanted participants of the program to focus on our targeted competencies while exploring their own individual development goals, their team development goals, and the impact they have when aligned with organizational goals,” says Marie-Josée Lemaire, senior organizational development advisor. The ultimate design included content from several Blanchard programs.

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Beating Burnout with Christina Maslach

Acclaimed researcher Christina Maslach explores the causes and cures for burnout as described in her new book, The Burnout Challenge. Maslach shares how to recognize the signs of burnout and how to combat the issue for increased productivity and health.

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Confronting Workplace Ostracism

“People who are ostracized at work tend to become disengaged and their workplace contributions can significantly decrease,” says Dr. Nicole Johnson. “This isn't surprising. We are social beings. We need to feel we belong. We want to contribute to our workplace.”

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Trusting Servant Leadership Can Quash Quiet Quitting

“People are far more likely to remain with a company when they have a manager they can trust—someone who cares about them, recognizes their efforts, and wants to help them grow and succeed,” says bestselling business author Ken Blanchard.

2023 Trends eBook

2023 HR/L&D Trends Report:
Enhancing the Employee Experience in a Hybrid World

Over 700 leadership, learning, and talent development professionals shared their plans for the coming year. Find out how HR/L&D peers are planning to address hiring, retention, engagement, and employee experience challenges by downloading the complete report. The report is free, courtesy of The Ken Blanchard Companies.

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