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Leaders in Government


These are difficult times for the federal government. Divisive arguments about the appropriate role, size, and effectiveness of government has generated significant challenges for agencies and the people who work for them. One of the biggest challenges is attracting, developing and retaining talented leaders and high-performing employees.

For more than 40 years, Blanchard has offered government leadership and employee development training to help agencies develop great leaders who know how to engage, develop and retain their people.

With Blanchard's federal leadership training and development programs, agencies can become more resilient to change, more productive with less resources, more inclusive and open to diverse work styles, and more capable of leading and sustaining our nation's largest and most important workforce.

Federal Leadership Training to Improve Employee Engagement | Ken Blanchard


Great managers inspire and engage their teams, create alignment around a shared mission, and build a positive culture based on trust, collaboration, and continuous growth.

Accelerated Government Leadership Training | Ken Blanchard


With the appropriate direction and support, individuals and teams progress through development levels more quickly, accelerating their growth so they can deliver greater value to the organization.

Increase Productivity and Retention Federal Government Leadership Development Programs


Engaged, motivated employees demonstrate greater work passion. They are more productive, achieve higher-quality results and are more likely to stay at the organization.

Leading in the Government

We are experts in government leadership and employee development training. Our solutions have been proven to provide the necessary skills that enable individuals, managers, teams, and organizations to be more productive, engaged, inclusive, and passionate about the work they do.

Government Leadership Training – SLII and Self Leadership Programs | Ken Blanchard

SLII®. Powering Inspired Leaders

Research shows that most managers have only one leadership style that they apply to everyone, in every situation. SLII®, the most widely taught leadership model in the world, teaches your government leaders how to give their people exactly what they need, when they need it, to accelerate their development and create a more productive, passionate workforce.


Team Leadership

High performing teams enable government leaders to overcome the challenges associated with lean resources, diminished hiring capabilities and continuous change. Our Team Leadership training program teaches your managers how to apply the right leadership style based on the team’s development stage to improve communications, increase productivity, and successfully lead team initiatives.


SELF Leadership

Government agencies need proactive employees who can navigate dynamic and even volatile work environments. Our Self Leadership development program teaches individuals the mindset and skillset they need to become empowered, proactive self leaders who accept responsibility, take initiative, problem-solve, and are committed to getting results for your agency.



Trust is at the heart of every relationship, and is the primary factor affecting employee turnover and apathy. Our Building Trust program teaches your managers how to build trust in the workplace—and how to repair it when it’s been broken—to increase engagement, creativity, and commitment to your agency’s mission.



Our government is embarking on what will likely be the largest and most rapid change initiative the world has seen to date. Organizational change is never easy, and 70% of change efforts fail. Our Leading People through Change® program teaches your managers how to lead successful organizational change efforts by understanding the different stages of concern and adjusting their leadership style to gain buy-in and commitment.



The most effective managers and leaders have the qualities of a great coach. Yet, most managers don’t understand how critical coaching is for the development, growth, and performance of their people. Coaching Essentials® teaches your managers how to effectively coach their government employees to increase productivity, create an environment of trust and autonomy, and drive mission success.


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With years of experience in the government sector, Blanchard’s federal government leadership development programs can help your agency increase its leadership capacity, improve employee engagement, and increase productivity to accomplish your mission.