Being a leader in an organization can be rewarding, but it also comes with high expectations. That's why it's crucial to give them the support they need to successfully manage teams and drive results. At Blanchard, we provide world-class leadership training to develop leaders that are efficient, productive, and committed to the success of your organization. Leadership development and training workshops are held worldwide throughout the year, for when it works best for you.

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Male & Female Co-Workers in One on One Setting
April 9-10, 2020 | ShangHai, China | Chinese
Coaching Essentials

Coaching Essentials is a skills-based training program that focuses on helping leaders be more coach-like by developing core coaching skills and applying new behaviors to help develop their colleagues, employees, and teams.

Sitting Man in Business Casual Office Setting
April 10, 2020 | NanJing, China | Chinese
First-time Manager

The First-time Manager training program builds on the time-tested secrets of The New One Minute Manager and introduces the conversations and skills first-time managers need to achieve success quickly and build positive relationships with their teams.

Smiling Man & Woman
April 10, 2020 | Seoul, South Korea | Korean
Legendary Service

The Legendary Service customer service training program teaches your managers and front-line service providers how to consistently deliver ideal service that will keep your internal and external customers coming back and create a real competitive edge for your organization.

Two Male Co-Workers in an Office
April 13-14, 2020 | Singapore | English
The SLII Experience™

SLII® is the most widely taught leadership model in the world. It teaches leaders to use the appropriate leadership style in response to the needs of the person and the situation. Our interactive learning design uses powerful techniques that immerse learners in SLII quickly, deeply, and effectively.