What Are People Saying About Your Company? (Hint: It’s Not as Good as You Think.)

San Diego, CA (April 10, 2018)—The Ken Blanchard Companies®, a global leader in management training, announced today the release of its newly revised Legendary Service® program. The customer service training program teaches employees how to consistently deliver ideal service that will give their coworkers the help and support they need, keep their customers coming back, and create a competitive edge for their organizations.
Although most companies think they provide good customer service, the reality is that it’s probably not as good as they think: eighty percent of companies say they deliver superior customer service, but only eight percent of their customers agree with them (Lee Resources). This discrepancy between perception and reality should worry business leaders, as poor customer service has a direct impact on the bottom line, costing organizations $338.5 billion a year globally (Forbes). View the What’s poor customer service costing you? infographic.
Every company wants employees who can solve problems and create memorable experiences for their customers. However, the ability to provide great service is dependent upon how well the organization supports and trains its people. Without training, employees don’t know what’s expected of them, so they’re left to draw their own conclusions about how to serve the customer.

Even though most companies agree that customer service is everyone’s job, not just those who are closest to the customer, few have a proven plan to build a service-oriented culture. According to research by The Ken Blanchard Companies, only 20 percent of organizations train their people in customer service skills at all. Everyone—not just people in customer-facing roles—has customers. If employees do not realize they have internal customers to serve—such as their boss, colleagues, and other department members—the result is friction and low collaboration within the organization.
When employees aren’t trained and empowered with a service mindset, organizations end up with an environment where employees don’t help each other reach their goals, and in turn aren’t taking care of their customers the way they should. Even worse, employees are often afraid to go above and beyond, which can leave customers unsatisfied and looking elsewhere.

“Organizations that invest in training show their employees that they care about their development and progress. In turn, this can impact the degree to which employees become engaged in the company, and that overflows to how they treat their customers,” said Kathy Cuff, Senior Consulting Partner of The Ken Blanchard Companies and program coauthor. 

Creating an unforgettable customer experience is crucial to a company’s success. People are willing to spend more money to work with a company that provides great service, and will recommend them to others. To achieve this, organizations must focus on creating a service-oriented culture.

Legendary Service helps organizations build a service-minded culture, recognizing that customer service starts with how employees treat each other internally and extends to external customers. The revisions include a fast-paced, interactive program design that features videos and a new Legendary Service Model—a framework for how to consistently deliver ideal service. Participants also get alignment on a service-focused vision, values, and behaviors and learn how to segment customers based on needs.

“Companies that invest in a service-minded culture empower their people to take initiative, resolve problems, and exceed client expectations,” said Ken Blanchard, Chief Spiritual Officer of The Ken Blanchard Companies and program coauthor. “It starts with defining a service vision. Once a clear vision is established, your people are empowered to bring it to life.”

The one-day workshop (or three 2-hour virtual sessions) is a fast-moving combination of content, engaging activities, entertaining videos, and skill practice. After the workshop, participants have access to the Legendary Service mastery tools, which guide learners through a set of tasks to practice new skills back on the job. They also have a year of access to the program videos and worksheets through their learner portal. With an easy-to-follow instructional design, Leader Notes, and Preparation Guide, this program does not require training-for-trainers.

“When employees are empowered to provide excellent service, they will create raving fans who recommend you to their friends and family. Internally, people will start treating each other better, and collaboration, innovation, and employee productivity will rise throughout the organization,” said Vicki Halsey, Senior Consulting Partner of The Ken Blanchard Companies and program coauthor. “The result is increased customer loyalty, engagement, and bottom-line results.”

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