The Ken Blanchard Companies Releases New Leadership Program for Team Leaders

SAN DIEGO, CA (September 10, 2019)—The Ken Blanchard Companies®, the global leader in management training, today released Team Leadership, its new training program that teaches leaders how to successfully lead, grow, and sustain high-performance teams.

High-performance teams allow organizations to bring together all the skills, strengths, and experiences of their members to solve complex organizational problems. However, Harvard Business Review reveals that 75 percent of teams are dysfunctional because their organizations lack a systematic approach for supporting them.

In a joint study with Training Magazine of more than 1,800 participants, Blanchard® identified that as high as 60 percent of new teams fail to achieve their goals. The top three things that influence the amount of effort an individual puts into being a good team member are how much they trust their team members, the level of support they get from their leader, and the extent to which they are allowed to give input.

Based on this research, Blanchard’s Team Leadership program was revised to teach team leaders how to provide clarity, manage conflict, and build trust. Using the SLII® Model, the most widely taught leadership model in the world, the program teaches managers to diagnose their team’s development and apply the right leadership style to guide them to work together as efficiently as they can.

“We recognize it can be frustrating for a leader to know his or her team is capable of so much more, but not know how to move them forward,” said Lael Good, teams expert and coauthor of the Team Leadership program. “A team leader must work with the mindset of serving the team. By teaching them these leadership skills, they can improve their teams’ ability to execute on projects, grow the business, and adapt to whatever arises,” Ms. Good added.

The program can be implemented as a one-day face-to-face workshop or as three 2-hour virtual sessions. All designs feature engaging materials, videos, and activities that teach participants:

  • Team Performance Mindset – A set of guiding principles that help teams perform at their best
  • Diagnosing Team Needs – Identification of team development stages all teams progress through, diagnosis of team needs, and understanding of what high-performing teams do at each stage
  • Team Leadership Behaviors – Leader behaviors that help teams the most; e.g., structuring a team charter, leveraging conflict, fostering team accountability, encouraging risk taking

After the workshop, participants have access to:

  • Team Leadership Assessment – This diagnostic tool collects input from team members and creates a report identifying the team development stage and the issues curtailing team performance
  • Team Leadership App – The app is a handy way to help participants diagnose teams, learn what their teams need, and identify the most helpful leader behaviors
  • Team Charter Worksheets – Interactive worksheets help teams get aligned on team purpose, roles, goals, and norms
  • Workshop Videos and Worksheets – Available to participants through their learner portal for a full year

Product Availability: Team Leadership is now available by contacting a Blanchard sales representative at 1.760.233.6725. For more resources and information about the program, visit

A virtual overview of the program is being offered on September 26, 2019 at 9:00 A.M. PDT. To register for the program preview, visit
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