The Ken Blanchard Companies® Releases Courageous Inclusion™
Proven Development Path for Workplace Inclusivity-Now Available

SAN DIEGO, CA—November 16, 2022—The Ken Blanchard Companies®, a global leader in management training, consulting, and coaching, announced today the release of Courageous Inclusion, a program to cultivate a mindset that promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and teaches participants a process to become more knowledgeable and active proponents of inclusion in the workplace.

Blanchard partnered with DEI expert Jennifer Brown to create Courageous Inclusion based on the proven developmental continuum in her book, How to Be an Inclusive Leader. People learn how to locate themselves on the continuum and understand which actions to take to progress to higher levels of inclusion. This roadmap approach is what makes Courageous Inclusion uniquely powerful for increasing inclusivity in your culture and creating a workplace where everyone feels like they belong.

Courageous Inclusion participants will understand the benefits of inclusion for themselves, their coworkers, and their organization overall. They will also know how to create a personal action plan to advance their journey for at least one aspect of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

“The dialogue about the importance of inclusion in our workplaces is accelerating, and people are finding their voices and learning how to use them. Any leader out of step with these developments, who has little curiosity about or commitment to standing up for this conversation, risks their reputation, their credibility, and most importantly, their opportunity to resonate with coworkers in a way that unleashes creativity and results,” said Jennifer Brown.

“It is critical to provide your employees with a way to speak out confidently and safely to raise DEI issues. It’s the only way to create a fair and more inclusive workplace as the foundation of your corporate culture,” said Scott Blanchard, president, The Ken Blanchard Companies.

Courageous Inclusion is available as a hybrid virtual design with self-study and instructor-led sessions and as an online overview.

Give your people the confidence and skills they need to create an inclusive work environment today. Get started at

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