Dr. Victoria Halsey is a spirited, inspirational speaker, author, and trainer who energizes audiences worldwide by engaging their hearts as well as their minds.

With the same skill and finesse that made her a National Champion platform diver, Vicki dives in quickly and deeply with her clients to identify and address their needs and visions. Her lively, animated presentations feature entertaining and humorous anecdotes that allow people to relax and laugh while learning—a key factor in creating highly effective experiences. People leave Vicki’s presentations with renewed conviction to utilize their own brilliance to tackle key personal and organizational issues. Whether the audience is 50 or 5,000, Vicki’s energy, intellect, and passion motivate people to unleash their greatness.

Sought out globally as an instructional designer, Vicki creates a power boost for the cutting-edge content of well known management gurus such as Marcus Buckingham, Keith Ferrazzi, Bill George, and Ken Blanchard by infusing their work with optimal learning practices and innovative training materials.


  • SLII®
  • Blanchard Management Essentials
  • Building Trust
  • Leading People Through Change
  • Leading Virtually
  • Team Leadership
  • Legendary Service
  • Training for Trainers
  • Face to Face Facilitation
  • Virtual Facilitation
  • One-to-one Coaching
  • Custom Design
  • Keynotes

Books Authored

Legendary Service by Ken Blanchard and Vicki Halsey
Brilliance by Design by Vicki Halsey