Meet Our Key LEADERS

Blanchard’s dedicated leadership team is focused on delivering leadership development programs that exceed our clients’
expectations and help them achieve their goals.

Ken Blanchard
Ken Blanchard
Margie Blanchard
Margie Blanchard
Tom McKee
Tom McKee
Scott Blanchard
Scott Blanchard
Shirley Bullard
Shirley Bullard
Craig Spitz
Craig Spitz
Debbie Ung
Debbie Ung
EVP of Sales and Professional Services
Debbie Blanchard
Debbie Blanchard
EVP of Marketing
Jay Campbell
Jay Campbell
Senior VP of Products and Content
Randy Conley
Randy Conley
VP of Client Services
Mark Manning
Mark Manning
Senior VP of Sales Operations
Joni Wickline
Joni Wickline
VP of Author and Educational Partnerships
Mark Forsyth
Mark Forsyth
Senior VP, Global Business Development


Inspiring. Enlightening. Energizing. Meet the exclusive group of thought leaders, authors, and experts who work with our
clients to increase engagement, productivity, and results.

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Sergio Barajas Headshot
Sergio Barajas
Nancy Biggar Headshot
Nancy Biggar
Ken Blanchard Headshot
Ken Blanchard
Margie Blanchard Headshot
Margie Blanchard
Robin Blanchard Headshot
Robin Blanchard
Scott Blanchard Headshot
Scott Blanchard
Betsy Blee Headshot
Betsy Blee
Peter Brent Headshot
Peter Brent
Eric Bruner
Brent Bystedt Headshot
Brent Bystedt
Gregory Campbell Headshot
Gregory Campbell
David Carroll Headshot
David Carroll
Britney Cole
Randy Conley Headshot
Randy Conley
MJ Coulson Headshot
MJ Coulson
Kathy Cuff Headshot
Kathy Cuff
Judith Donin Headshot
Judith Donin
Richard Egan Headshot
Richard Egan
Susan Fowler Headshot
Susan Fowler
Bob Freytag Headshot
Bob Freytag
Marty Gilbert Headshot
Marty Gilbert
Lael Good Headshot
Lael Good
Vicki Halsey Headshot
Vicki Halsey
La'Wana Harris
Laurence Hawkins Headshot
Laurence Hawkins
John Hester Headshot
John Hester
Madeleine Homan Blanchard Headshot
Madeleine Homan Blanchard
Jim Irvine
Jim Irvine
Gus Jaramillo
Diana Johnson Urbina
Els Kaelen Headshot
Els Kaelen
Fay Kandarian Headshot
Fay Kandarian
Linda Miller Headshot
Linda Miller
Steve Murphy Headshot
Steve Murphy
Carman Nemecek Headshot
Carman Nemecek
Butler Newman
Karla Oard Headshot
Karla Oard
Patricia Overland Headshot
Patricia Overland
Michael Ownbey Headshot
Michael Ownbey
Nicole Pappas Headshot
Nicole Pappas
Mark Paskowitz Headshot
Mark Paskowitz
Ann Phillips Headshot
Ann Phillips
Colleen Phillips Headshot
Colleen Phillips
Maria Pressentin Headshot
Maria Pressentin
Alan Randolph Headshot
Alan Randolph
Ann Rollins
Melaina Spitzer Headshot
Melaina Spitzer
Patricia Stewart Headshot
Patricia Stewart
Terry Watkins Headshot
Terry Watkins
Alan Youngblood Headshot
Alan Youngblood
Drea Zigarmi Headshot
Drea Zigarmi
Pat Zigarmi Headshot
Pat Zigarmi