CLO Magazine
Managing Negative L&D Trends in 2022
DECEMBER 13, 2021

A recent survey conducted by The Ken Blanchard Companies revealed three trends learning and development leaders need to address in 2022. READ MORE

HR Grapevine
L&D Trends for 2022: The State of the Learner in the Pandemic
DECEMBER 01, 2021

L&D professionals were asked to share their perspectives on the health and wellness of their workforce, their learning successes, and the challenges they’re expecting in 2022. READ MORE

Chief Executive
The One Minute Manager At 40: Ken And Margie Blanchard On Leading Today
NOVEMBER 05, 2021

Re-reading this classic today is a reminder of just how simple the job of helping your people get better can be—and how essential, especially at a time when retaining great talent is the whole ballgame for companies. READ MORE

CLO Magazine
Now is the Time for Servant Leadership
OCTOBER 28, 2021

Servant leaders — leaders devoted to making the welfare and growth of their people the priority — are needed urgently for the post-pandemic world. Here are five ways you can be one. READ MORE

CLO Magazine
Creating and Communicating Your Leadership Point of View
OCTOBER 20, 2021

When you share your leadership point of view with team members and colleagues, you’ll build close, trusting connections that will help you, them, and your organization flourish together. READ MORE

HRM Magazine
Resetting Leadership Training and Development Strategies
SEPTEMBER 30, 2021

COVID-19 has been a catalyst to rethink L&D. From communicating face to face to connecting digitally, the new capabilities leaders should acquire present both challenges and opportunities. READ MORE

CLO Magazine
Supercharge Your Learning Programs with Follow-up Coaching
AUGUST 09, 2021

Coaches can be invaluable in helping people apply what they’ve learned. READ MORE

HR Grapevine
How Coaching Can Ease the Rocky Return to the Office
JULY 01, 2021

If we have learned anything, it is that employees can be trusted to be flexible. The least we can do is provide leaders with coaching resources to be the type of leader people have earned.  READ MORE

CLO Magazine
Four Mindsets for Adapting to Change
JUNE 07, 2021

The more change-adaptive we are as individuals, leaders, and organizations, the better we will be able to meet each change that comes our way. READ MORE

CLO Magazine
COVID-19: A Turning Point for Business Management
MAY 04, 2021

While we will all be glad when the pandemic is truly over and we can hug our loved ones again, let’s remember to celebrate the positive new norms that have come from the struggle. READ MORE