HRM Magazine
Eight Steps for Dealing with An Underperforming Employee
JUNE 17, 2022

Why do most leaders shy away from confronting poor performance head on? My experience has shown that it is normally because they don’t know where to start. It doesn’t have to be that way. READ MORE

Training Industry
What Can Your Managers Do Now to Drive The Great Retention?
MAY 27, 2022

The Great Resignation is creating unprecedented challenges for leaders, many of whom were already struggling under the strain of the COVID-19 pandemic. READ MORE

San Diego Union-Tribune
Column: Best-Selling Author Ken Blanchard Has a New Book for the Leader in All of Us
MAY 26, 2022

Ken Blanchard and co-author Randy Conley bring ‘Simple Truths of Leadership’ to Warwick’s bookstore on June 1st. READ MORE

Training Industry
Immersive Learning and VR Usher In the “New Era” of Leadership Training
MAY 26, 2022

“What is it like to walk in someone else’s shoes? Books allow us to imagine it, and movies allow us to see it, but VR is the first medium that actually allows us to experience it.” READ MORE

Training Industry
Combat The Great Resignation With a Culture of Learning
MAY 20, 2022

People want to grow. It’s a basic human need. And organizations that create cultures of learning are going to satisfy this and keep their people—an urgent need during the time of The Great Resignation. READ MORE

San Diego Union-Tribune
Rancho Bernardo’s Ken Blanchard Has New Book on Leadership’s ‘Simple Truths’
MAY 11, 2022

Ken Blanchard has added “Simple Truths of Leadership” to his list of more than 65 books he has co-authored over the past several decades. READ MORE

Why Complicate Your Leadership? Focus On A Few Simple Truths
MAY 10, 2022

Forbes interviewed Ken Blanchard and Randy Conley on Servant Leadership, discussing highlights and key nuggets from their book, Simple Truths of Leadership, that leaders can put to immediate use. READ MORE

CLO Magazine
Boost Performance with Day-to-Day Coaching
APRIL 22, 2022

When managers focus on day-to-day coaching, the once-dreaded performance evaluation becomes an occasion to celebrate accomplishments. READ MORE

What Role A Successful Apology Plays In Building A Trusted Personal Brand
APRIL 20, 2022

There is an old joke that the three hardest things to say in the English language are gargantuan, Worcestershire and I am sorry. READ MORE

Training Industry
7 Ways to Create Engaging Learning Experiences for Tired Learners
MARCH 16, 2022

Learners are fatigued and “too tired to learn.” Learning and development professionals are also feeling stretched and dissatisfied. We need to create experiences with higher engagement and social quotients, and a collaborative online approach is a possible solution. READ MORE