Since 2015, Blanchard Spain has been delivering leadership development and management training programs to leading organizations in Spain. Leveraging the research, thought leadership, and award-winning content of The Ken Blanchard Companies®, we work with organizations to build leadership capacity, increase employee engagement, retain top talent, and increase productivity and performance. Founded by Bulent Levi and his two partners, Alicia García and Beril Levi, we bring vast experience in key positions at multinational companies. Blanchard Spain offers all Blanchard® core programs in several languages, including Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, and Turkish, with eight certified trainers.

Blanchard Spain is part of a global network that includes locations in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific. At Blanchard®, we have the experience and worldwide resources to deliver efficient, scalable solutions to meet all your leadership development and training needs.

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Blanchard Spain
Rafael y Juan Seva Street 4
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“Blanchard’s timeless model for effective leadership helps us step into the shoes of both the master and the apprentice to understand the steps they both take. Blanchard Spain’s facilitators are as good as the program; they bring the workshop to life and make something as complex as leading seem easy.”

- Daniel Perez Carrascal, Human Resources Development, Coca-Cola European Partners

Areas of Expertise

  • SLII®
  • Blanchard Management Essentials
  • Self Leadership
  • Coaching Essentials
  • Building Trust
  • Leading People Through Change

Upcoming events

May 8-12, 2023 | Virtual - Live, Spain | Spanish
The SLII Experience™ - Virtual


October 16-20, 2023 | Virtual - Live, Spain | Spanish
The SLII Experience™ - Virtual


Meet Our Team Leaders

Beril Levi
Beril Levi
Beril Levi is certified to facilitate Blanchard’s SLII®, Coaching Essentials®, Legendary Service, Building Trust, Self Leadership, and Optimal Motivation® programs. She is also an ACSTH Certified Executive Coach and an associate professor for prestigious MBA programs in Spain. Previously Beril worked more than 15 years as a marketing professional in top multinational companies such as Leo Burnett, BBDO, L’Oréal, and LVMH.
Bulent Levi
Bulent Levi
Bulent Levi has been a Global Consulting Associate for The Ken Blanchard Companies® since 2006. His 13 years of industry experience prior to his training career included marketing and sales roles. He is a Master Trainer and certified in most Blanchard programs. Bulent has conducted training in numerous countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and South America.
Alicia García
Alicia García
Alicia Garcia is certified as a Facilitator for SLII®, Legendary Service, Building Trust, Self Leadership, Optimal Motivation®, and Coaching Essentials®. She has been an Associate Professor at IE Business School since 2014. Before working for Blanchard, Alicia spent more than 20 years in marketing and innovation in several FMCG multinational firms: P&G, The Coca-Cola Company, and Diageo.