Since 2010, Blanchard Japan has been delivering leadership development and management training programs to leading global organizations. Blanchard’s award-winning programs and global credentials, coupled with Blanchard Japan’s strong program delivery and client support capability, allow them to be one of the best providers of leadership training programs in the Japanese market. Blanchard Japan has a full range of services to support your organization’s people development, including public workshops, in-house corporate training, train-the-trainer workshops, and executive coaching.

Blanchard Japan is part of a global network that includes locations in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific. At Blanchard®, we have the experience and worldwide resources to deliver efficient, scalable solutions to meet all of your leadership development and training needs.

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Blanchard Japan
3-12-8 Sendagaya
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 151-0051
+81 3 5771 7073

Areas of Expertise

  • SLII®
  • Self Leadership
  • Coaching Essentials
  • Leading People Through Change
  • Team Leadership
  • Legendary Service

Upcoming events

May 11-12, 2023 | Virtual - Live, Japan | Japanese
The SLII Experience™ - Virtual


May 18-24, 2023 | Virtual - Live, Japan | Japanese
The SLII Experience™


May 26, 2023 | Virtual - Live, Japan | Japanese
Self Leadership - Virtual


Meet Our Team Leaders

Makoto Hashimoto
Makoto Hashimoto
Managing Coordinator
Makoto leads the sales team and has designed and implemented corporate leadership programs for a wide range of industries. He learned about SLII® when he was a manager at Gap, Inc., and experienced its power firsthand when leading his own team members. Since then, Makoto has been committed to spreading the spirit and the skills of Ken Blanchard.
Masayuki Saito
Masayuki Saito
Masayuki delivers SLII®, Self Leadership, and Coaching Essentials® for leading global companies. Formerly a global sales representative at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and then a recruitment and career consultant, he tailors his messages to reach the hearts of audiences of various backgrounds while bridging generations, industries, and occupations. Masayuki has earned his reputation as a highly spirited and engaging facilitator.
Meggie See
Meggie See
Master Trainer
Meggie is a bilingual Master Trainer of SLII® and other Blanchard programs. She has developed and certified hundreds of our clients’ leaders, and is known for delivering passionate and dynamic workshops. Formerly a change management consultant at Nike, Inc., Meggie became a Blanchard Consulting Partner in 2000. Her Master’s in Experimental Learning is from the School of International Training.