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Essential Motivators

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It's a brave new world out there.

Only those who lead situationally can inspire their teams to rise to the challenge.

Clarity, Focus, Action:
Executive Coaching From Blanchard

Reinforce learning and help your leaders become more results-driven, confident, and empathetic decision makers.

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Flexible Delivery to Meet Your Needs

Our time-tested leadership content is designed to be delivered in flexible formats to help meet your learner and business needs.
Flexible delivery option: Live in-person classroom | Ken Blanchard

Live In-Person

With hundreds of facilitators around the world, we can deliver face-to-face, or train your trainers to conduct the training.
Live Virtual Classroom

Live Virtual

Your leaders can participate in live, virtual training sessions and get leadership training right from their homes or offices.
On-Demand eLearning Program | Ken Blanchard

On-Demand Digital Solutions

Online leadership programs allow your leaders to learn wherever they are and whenever they have time.
On-Demand Support Tools

On-Demand Support Tools

Just-in time tools allow leaders to quickly refresh skills and prepare for conversations with team members.

The power of
inspiring people

One great leader can change a person’s life. But when inspired leaders at all levels, act with courage to connect and engage those around them, an entire business can be transformed.

At The Ken Blanchard Companies®, we are in the business of inspiring performance. From the executive team to the latest hires, we empower leaders at every level of an organization to unlock the power of its people.

It's a brave new world out there. Only those who lead situationally can inspire their teams to rise to today's immense challenges.
“Why It's Crucial For Leaders To Take a Situational Approach”


Blanchard is an award-winning provider of choice for organizations worldwide. We're honored to have won a Brandon Hall Group Gold Award for Best Advancement in Leadership Development.

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Few people have influenced the day-to-day management of people and companies more than Ken Blanchard. A prominent, sought-after author, speaker, and business consultant, Dr. Blanchard is respected for his lifetime of groundbreaking research and thought leadership that has influenced the day-to-day management and leadership of people and companies throughout the world.

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