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May 2017
A Bottom-Up Approach to Leadership that Works

"If your people don't reach their full potential, neither will your organization," says Susan Fowler, a senior consulting partner with The Ken Blanchard Companies. "The bottom line depends on the front line."

In Fowler's experience, when L&D professionals equip individual contributors with the mindset and skillset of self leadership, they build a healthy and empowered workforce that is productive, innovative, and committed to getting results for their organizations.

In developing the learning design for the new Self Leadership training program from The Ken Blanchard Companies, Fowler begins by addressing mindset—Challenging Assumed Constraints, Activating Points of Power, and Being Proactive. This mindset is a real shift in perspective for most individual contributors who come into a training not understanding the benefits of self leadership.

Fowler explains that without the right mindset, individuals are less likely to embrace, learn, and apply the skills of Setting Goals, Diagnosis, and Matching (getting an appropriate leadership style), which are taught later in the program.

"Our Self Leadership program provides the skills individual contributors need to take the initiative and be responsible for their own success—for example, to proactively clarify goals and seek out the direction and support they need."

Client Spotlight
Leaders Training Leaders at Foster Farms

Marty Jakosa"We had trained Situational Leadership® II for several years," says Marty Jakosa, manager, human resources and organizational development. "When the product was updated, I have to admit I wasn't initially thrilled.

"But I took a deeper look at the design and realized the new method of learning was even more impactful. So we decided it would be the perfect time to change how we approached the rollout of the new program to our employees. We wanted to improve the learning experience to match the design of the program and make sure that people applied the skills outside the classroom."

Just Released!
One Minute Mentoring: How to Find and Work With a Mentor—And Why You'll Benefit from Being One

Ashley VevodaPositive mentoring relationships can change the way we lead and help us succeed.

In One Minute Mentoring, Ken Blanchard and Claire Diaz-Ortiz, a former Twitter executive and early employee, combine their knowledge to provide a systematic approach to intergenerational mentoring.

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Free Webinar!
Creating a Culture of Self Leadership

Online—May 31, 2017

Dr. Patricia Zigarmi Today's organizations need a culture where each person takes responsibility for getting the direction and support they need to succeed.

In this webinar, motivation expert Susan Fowler shares the keys for creating a proactive workplace by
  • Challenging assumed constraints
  • Activating points of power
  • Rethinking accountability
Don't miss this opportunity to learn a research-based approach for equipping individual contributors with the mindset and skillset to take personal responsibility for initiative, accountability, and results.

New Monthly Feature!
Blanchard LeaderChat Podcast

Liz Wiseman In this episode of the Blanchard LeaderChat podcast we interview Liz Wiseman, author of Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter.

Drawing on some of the key points from the new revised and updated edition of her acclaimed Wall Street Journal bestseller Wiseman explores why some leaders drain capability and intelligence from their teams while others amplify it to produce better results. LISTEN NOW

New Blanchard Research Report!
Developing Self Leaders—A Competitive Advantage for Organizations

Self Leadership in OrganizationsThe nature of leadership continues to evolve as organizational structures and business models change.

Top-heavy leadership approaches are shifting and in their place, individual contributors are being asked to step up in new ways, take on more responsibility, contribute differently, and look for ways to empower themselves—essentially to become self leaders. READ MORE

Blanchard Leadership Programs

Blanchard leadership development programs teach leaders at all levels the advanced skills they need to bring out the best in others. Make Blanchard programs a part of your leadership development curriculum.

Featured this month!
Self Leadership

Blanchard's new Self Leadership development program teaches individuals the mindset and skillset they need to become empowered, proactive self leaders who take control of their own success and are committed to getting results for their organization.

Blanchard's one-day Self Leadership workshop builds on the world's most widely taught leadership model, Situational Leadership® II, and integrates the latest research on the proactive skills required for individuals to be most effective.

When you equip individual contributors with the Self Leadership skillset and mindset, you build a healthy and empowered workforce; you'll see accelerated development, higher performance, personal accountability, and increased innovation.

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