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Leading at a Higher Level
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Learn in his own words why Ken Blanchard wrote Helping People Win at Work.
CEO Gary Ridge speaks on helping his people at WD-40 Company
"Get an A."

The author's thoughts on writing
Helping People Win at Work
"For years I’ve been concerned about how people’s performance is evaluated. People are often forced into a normal distribution curve or even worse, rank ordered. Not only does this not build trust, it also does not hold managers responsible for coaching people and helping them win. "

Ken Blanchard, PhD. author of
The One Minute Manager and
Leading at a Higher Level


"Ever since we began the “Don’t Mark My Paper—Help Me Get an A” performance management system, our company’s annual sales have more than tripled, from $100 million to more than $339 million. And we’ve accomplished this feat while making the company a great place to work."

Garry Ridge, President and CEO,
WD-40 Company

By Ken Blanchard and Garry Ridge

About the Book

In the first book of Ken Blanchard's Leading at a Higher Level series, Blanchard and WD-40 President/CEO Garry Ridge reveal exactly how WD-40 is "Partnering for Performance" with every single employee—and achieving unprecedented levels of engagement and commitment.

Helping People Win at Work thoroughly illuminates WD-40’s Blanchard-inspired year-round performance review system: its goals, features, and the cultural changes it required. Ridge shares his "leadership point of view": what he expects of people, what they can expect of him, and where his beliefs about leadership and motivation came from. Ken Blanchard explains why WD-40’s Partnering for Performance system works so well—and exactly how to leverage its high-value techniques in any organization.

In Helping People Win at Work business readers will
learn how to:

  • Transform performance review into a powerful competitive advantage
  • Help people reach their full potential, and build a truly great place to work—even in tough times
  • Stop building failure into their performance review systems
  • Provide year-round coaching that moves people through all four stages of mastery
  • Build a culture that actually shares knowledge and encourages non-stop learning, instead of just claiming to do so
Helping People Win at Work by Ken Blanchard best-selling author

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Ken Blanchard and Garry Ridge are available for keynote speaking engagements for all types of management-related events including Corporate Gatherings and Celebrations, Association Conferences, Sales Meetings, Industry Conferences, and Executive Retreats.
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KEN BLANCHARD, Chief Spiritual Officer of The Ken Blanchard Companies has had an extraordinary impact on the management of millions of people. Honored by Amazon as on of the world's 25 best-selling authors, his blockbuster book include The One Minute Manager; Leadership and the One Minute Manager; Raving Fans; Gung Ho!; and, most recently, Leading at a Higher Level, the companion to this book. More details

GARRY RIDGE is President/CEO of WD-40 Company. He teaches leadership, talent management, and succession planning at the University of San Diego's Executive Leadership program and has been Director of the Year for Enhancement of Economic Value by the Corporate Directors Forum. A native of Australia, he has served as national Vice President of the Australian Institute and the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association. More Details

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