The Brilliance by Design
Engage Model
E  Energize Learners

N  Navigate Content

G  Generate Meaning

A  Apply to Real World

G  Gauge and Celebrate

E  Extend Learning to Action

Praise for Brilliance by Design
"Teach anyone anything with Vicki's Brilliance Learning System. I LUV it!."

Colleen Barrett, President Emeritus, Southwest Airlines, and Coauthor of Lead with LUV


"This is not a book about just training or teaching. It's about touching lives, creating lasting confidence, and igniting people's curiosity."

Christopher Granger, Senior Vice President, Team Marketing and
Business Operations,
National Basketball Association


"This powerful book reminds us that every business, political, or nonprofit leader is a teacher while providing the necessary tools to unleash brilliance in a way that excites, inspires, and empowers our people."

Betsy Myers, former Executive Director, Harvard Kennedy Center
for Public Leadership

 Written by Vicki Halsey

Brilliance by Design
Book Synopsis

"Learning," Vicki Halsey writes, "is the gateway to optimal life experiences. Learning transforms people’s lives, and teaching, in any forum, is the art and science of bringing out the brilliance that drives those transformations."

Or it should be. But what often happens is that people who teach—in classrooms, meetings, workshops, coaching sessions, or any other setting where learning happens—don’t know how to transfer their great content to others effectively. They spend 70 percent of their time on what they are teaching and only 30 percent on how to teach it, when it should be the other way around.

Halsey is here to reverse that equation, laying out a comprehensive instructional design model that deeply engages and energizes learners because it focuses not on how smart they are but on how they are smart. She shows how to create content that is clear, relevant, easily absorbed, and readily retained because it is tailored to each participant’s specific needs, abilities, and inclinations.

Halsey’s six-step ENGAGE Model replaces the old “sit ’n’ get” model with “woo ’n’ do”—learners are actively drawn in and perform activities that reinforce the learning. She presents hundreds of proven ideas, strategies, and practices that will enable you to Energize learners at the beginning of any learning session; help them Navigate the new content and Generate personal meaning and relevance from it; Apply their learning to the real world; Gauge and celebrate their progress; and Extend their learning to action.

Brilliance by Design offers a systematic way to reach joyfully into the soul of learners and facilitate their brilliance so they can make a positive difference in the world.


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Vicki Halsey is available for keynote speaking engagements for all types of management-related events including Corporate Gatherings and Celebrations, Association Conferences, Sales Meetings, Industry Conferences, and Executive Retreats.
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, is vice president of applied learning for The Ken Blanchard Companies and coauthor of Blanchard’s Legendary Customer Service Training and their award-winning blended e-learning Situational Leadership® II program. She also is the coauthor, with Ken Blanchard and others, of Leading at a Higher Level, as well as The Hamster Revolution and The Hamster Revolution for Meetings (with Mike Song and Tim Burress). More details