Asset Marketing Systems Business Services

Asset Marketing Systems, LLC, based in San Diego, California, is a marketing organization that provides support and services to financial advisors, insurance agencies, and securities brokers.

The Challenge

Although extremely successful, Asset Marketing Systems needed a succession plan for the existing senior management team and professional growth plans for middle management. As a small company with 120 employees, they had several managers who had been promoted from entry-level positions into middle management. Without a focus on providing professional growth opportunities to this group of managers, the lack of leadership skills was becoming a big concern.

Specifically, they needed help with developing a more cohesive work group that focused on company goals instead of operating in departmental silos, and teams needed to work better together in order to seamlessly serve clients. The future of the company depended on strong leadership at the senior and middle management levels.

The Solution

Help came in the form of Blanchard Online Learning, the online leadership course for managers that is based on the fundamentals of Situational Leadership® II. They kicked off the program with a strategy session to set expectations with senior leaders. Customized impact maps were used to help participants understand how the training could help them reach individual and corporate goals. Managers at Asset Marketing Systems independently worked through modules online, which gave them complete flexibility to learn while in the office or at home. After each module, they came together as a group for a debriefing session to share experiences with each other and discuss how to apply what they had learned to actual situations on the job. According to Becki Neff, HR Manager and Business Partner, “These sessions are so rich that we have actually revolutionized how we work together. Managers are learning how to coach and mentor their employees to perform their jobs more effectively.”


There are several successes to report. A new supervisor credits Blanchard Online Learning with helping her to realize that one of her new employees wasn’t under performing, but needed more communication and support during the onboarding process. This eliminated frustration for both the employee and the manager. The learning lesson that focuses on temperament has been especially helpful to the group. They report that having a better understanding of their own style and personality and insight into the styles of others has improved communication, teamwork, and productivity while minimizing friction and conflict. Team members report that they feel better equipped to seamlessly serve the client.

Neff is most excited about the buzz that has been created by the training. “Employees are actually asking when they can go through the program,” she shared. The program was rolled out with middle managers who quickly realized that they wanted to use the new skills with their leaders. So a special session was designed and delivered for senior managers. Now the entire team is using the same leadership language and leading with consistency toward personal, department, and company goals.

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